Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finding Your Teacher / Master

In one of the previous posts on this blog, an anonymous commenter advised me to read Dr. Zhi Gang Sha. I quickly blew them off, giving some excuse or another that I can't remember at the moment. However, in doing an unrelated Google search the other day I found some excerpts of one of his books.

After reading some texts, including Meher Baba and now some excerpts from Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, I believe I have more knowledge on how to behave around spiritual masters and just other people in general. I should treat everything as though it were sacred, but especially the Teacher because they are the representative for the grace of God.

See this link for excerpts from a chapter on relationships with teachers by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha:
The Third Most Important Divine Relationship is with Your Teacher

In Meher Baba's _Life at its Best_, Baba speaks deeply about the relationship between Master and disciple. I was very moved by this while reading His book. You can read it here: Tomorrow or whenever I can find time I'll post some quotes from it.

I have to add before closing, that while I appreciate what Dr. Zhi Gang Sha has to say about Divine relationships, I was initially turned off from him because he seemed too commercial. When I see web pages covered with the face of the Teacher with links to buy their books or services, I just don't feel anything for them. I can't afford to buy their books right now. I don't care about money anymore anyway. But thanks to the anonymous person who recommended Dr. Sha to me. Please don't let my opinions of him sway you from commenting on anything I post about.

I know this post is going to bring about some heated comments, like, "You don't need a teacher," etc. I'm used to those sorts of comments, and I do appreciate the concern, but you have to be in my shoes to know what kind of spiritual chaos occurs without one.

I still have a long way to go. I don't believe I'm enlightened yet. I could be wrong but I doubt I am. I only feel as if I've finished Kindergarten. I think full enlightenment comes from knowing who you are, where you come from, where you're going, who God is and more. NOT just reading it in books but KNOWING it through experience.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is your teacher. To believe otherwise is to short change yourself. Each person you meet in this life, whether in person or virtually on the internet, has something worthwhile to offer if you're willing to explore it; some have more than others. I think the common advice about not needing a teacher is more about not putting all your eggs in one basket which potentially has significant dangers. Those who volunteer seem to have their own agendas that rarely match the seeker's.

Happily Anonymous

Global Brain Don said...

You have to develop some ability to sift through all the teachings of the different "teachers" you encounter in Life and retain only the ones of benefit for you. You have to develop your own personality. And here I'm playing teacher with you, too. Maybe this is all separating out good memes from bad. What are good memes? Those which achieve comfortable survival. There are no easy answers, or teachers with magic easy solutions. Perhaps the only constant is that human discussion is boundless. Which is better than the alternative.

Sophia said...


You're right about that, about everyone being a teacher. Sometimes it's very difficult, though, to give people the credit for being so.

I don't know why I expect people to give me wisdom for free when I haven't anything to give in return. I just get disappointed when I think I've found someone only to have them tell me later that it is going to cost this or that or whatever. First of all it makes me feel like what they're sharing with me isn't Truth, it's just some way for them to make money. Secondly, I don't have any money any more. Without money, what have I left to give? As they say, I'm S.O.L.

Sophia said...

Hi Don,

I'm just Dorothy looking for The Wizard.

That's what they call "cherry picking". :)

I have gone through such a shift in reality lately.

Siegfried said...

There's nothing wrong with self-aggrandizement. As long as you don't think you are God. Or don't insinuate that you are equal with God.
The word God has no meaning except as a name or term referring to the Creator. That is if you accept traditional religions and forms of spirituality.

Sophia said...

I am not equal to God. I am only a drop compared to the ocean of God. But I am a drop in the Ocean.