Thursday, August 7, 2008

Insignificance of Freckles

After the plane took off, and as we flew higher and higher into the sky, I stared down to the ground below, wanting to try as hard as possible to keep an eye on cars no matter how small they became. The cars became as small as freckles, if not smaller. The people inhabiting them would be invisible to my eyes.

I felt insignificant. I exist, but would be smaller than a quark to some alien planet, let alone to a god as big or bigger than the universe.

I never think about the mitochondria in my cells.


Global Brain Don said...

I don't think about my mitochondria too much either. Come to think of it, there's a bunch of my body I don't think about too much. My neurons (even though they're doing the thinking), my red blood cells, the bottoms of my feet. Maybe it's for the best. There are too many things already to think about.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you had infinite consciousnes you would be aware of your mitochondria.

Sophia said...


If we could forget about thinking as much as we forget about the bottoms of our feet, we'd all get along in life just swimmingly. No worries!

Sophia said...


Hmmmmm.... oh yeah. Good point. :)

Who was it you studied again, was it Gurdjieff?