Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

holy mary mother of jesus

truth is stranger than fiction
mark twain was right

if you don't believe me
read what i just read
at that website in the
post below

the similarities to
my own life
are too uncanny
and my stomach
is all unsettled again



Guru Kurt said...

If you want to know something interesting, then I think that Luna Tarlo, mother of Andrew Cohen, was also Mary mother of Jesus. She would not admit this to herself, I think because she was making way for one greater than herself.

Luna exhibits traits of the non-dual mind, able to recognize a true enlightenment, but also to diagnose the troubles of the early samadhis. Although she was by far Andrew's superior and gave many signs of this, he continues to look down at her, imagining she is not even a very good sadhu.

She brought a personal element into Andrew's life, and unable to form ideas about persons in their spiritual essence, Andrew rejected her sweetness.

mossy said...

What are the similarities?

Sophia said...

isn't it obvious?
the damsel in distress
looking for her hero

Guru Kurt said...

My remark was not about the post as a whole, but about the exclamation that began it. I made reference to this fact in the lingual form I chose, "If you want to know something interesting," that implies the comment is an aside. I do far subtler turns sometimes, going in three or four directions.

Anyway, if you cared, you could read Luna's book about Andrew, entitled "The Mother of God." The book is loaded with authority from beyond the senses, as I indicated.

moss said...

That is the most ubiquitous distraction.

We all look for an external lover because we do not believe that we ourselves are the lover that we seek, or we are too lazy to seek it.

Guru Kurt said...

The power of love is designated for another, never for oneself. The view that the self should be loved is a type of sickness. The self should be known, but love is an attraction between two souls, composed of affection, tenderness and the like.

If you think that you should love yourself, it shows you are divided, and have not known yourself.