Sunday, July 25, 2010

Never Mind

please ignore my previous posts...
...i am not interested in absinthe

....must focus....


Anonymous said...

You could try some natural methods; Take a walk and watch your peripheral vision or look at yourself in a mirror in a dimly lit room for ten minutes.

That should satisfy you.

It can be useful to see that normally every perception is sanitized by the mind to make it fit into an imaginary picture of the world. When the mind does not work so well then it does not happen.

Perhaps when one is more present perceptions are accepted more as they are. It must be a tremendous amount of work for the mind to modify every perception.

Bob said...

I hope you are okay. Life can be tough at times. It's good to have someone to share the burden isn't it?

Cold As Heaven said...

Good choice. Stay away from the absinthe, it's not healthy. It's better to read "The sun also rises" by Hemmingway, written on absinthe, in Paris, in the 1920's. If you wanna hallucinate, just stay awake for 72 hours. I've tried it and it works >:)

Cold As Heaven

Sophia said...

I am fine, really. Things are getting better every day. I'm fighting off sleep. I'm exercising for the endorphin release. I have a Wii and Wii fit and I'm addicted to it. Oh, and I also have Guitar Hero which does something to stimulate my brain into hyperactivity. I love it.

Speaking of sleep, I don't think I could stay awake for 72 hours. I can barely stay awake for 12 hours. :) But I'm trying new things to see if I can stay awake longer... like at this very moment I'm drinking coffee again. I had given it up for the summer because it is too hot, but I need the boost so I'm drinking it anyway.

I will probably end up getting a bottle of absinthe, even though I decided against it. I've changed my mind again. Just as long as it has real wormwood in it, it should be the real deal. But it is very unlikely that it will make me hallucinate. I guess that's just a myth, but it does have properties that distinguish it from regular alcoholic beverages, or so I've heard.