Sunday, July 25, 2010

Explaining My Last Post

i think i befuddled some readers
with my previous post

perhaps i didn't word it correctly

what i wanted to do was
ask my readers to tell me
what the best brand of absinthe is
because i want to try some

i want the absinthe that
will make me hallucinate


strangerland said...

I chatted with bartenders at a local depot and a tapas bar, but not about absinthe. I asked a few questions. What do owls and olives have in common? A question more appropriate to an establishment at the Bellevedere Hotel in Baltimore. Also pondered if there were any reason one couldn't make a martini like drink using long stemmed cherries (guys should always request those to be smart alecky. I won't explain...) using long stemmed ripe cherries brined as though they were stuffed spanish olives or maybe calamatta? But I'm certain there must be some roman symbolism to doing such or some prohibition. I'm looking for a decent drink using campari myself. Life's weird enough without the hallucinations...

Don said...

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.