Friday, July 23, 2010

Numb, But Not Comfortably

today = lack of feeling

i hope it goes away

wouldn't any feeling
be better than no feeling
if only to remind one
that one is alive?
this is not even
a state of depression.
it's a state of nothingness.
i feel no love for anyone.
i feel turned on by nothing.
i do not feel sad
and i do not feel happy.

am i unresponsive?
or is this a type of
non-response response
to distress?
others will think me careless.
i feel careless
yet i know my core cares.

no emotion is put
into this blog post
because i don't feel
any emotion at all.


Sophia said...

Perhaps it's because I didn't eat well today and I also didn't exercise.

Mossy said...

It has been a very difficult full moon. It will get better.

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Sophia said...

It's not even 100% full yet. Please don't tell me the worst is yet to come.

Of course we are friends. My core knows it, even if today my sensations are lacking.

I should tell everyone to stay away. I'm only going to hurt people. Not physically, of course, but emotionally.

Mossy said...

For me it seems that the five days leading up to the full moon are the worst.

Oh and by the way, the meteor showers in August are also hell.