Wednesday, July 28, 2010


let me crawl into my hole
-i feel too weak to deal with things
and i don't have the strength
that you imagine i have.
climbing walls
makes me tired.
when celestial powers
were handing out
fortitude to incoming souls,
i got the short end of the stick.
i'm sorry - forgive me.


Sophia said...

how does a dreamer
live in a real world?

Mossy said...

We can not know what is required of us. I usually imagine that I need to make heroic efforts when in fact it it the quantity of very small efforts that really matters.

It is kind of like when you drive a car. Many very small efforts are required, such as constantly changing the angle of the steering wheel.

Our thoughts about our weakness are as meaningless as all of our other thoughts.

Mossy said...

The problem is to escape from our imaginary worlds and come back to the room we are in.

mag said...

How did you even come to believe that you are a "dreamer" and was "sent to the wrong world" to begin with? I think the question based on two incompatible philosophies. The question of how to live in a real world is a question for a human being (who was meant for this world). If you really were only a dreamer you would not ask such questions.

Why do you think thoughts are meaningless? Is not this also an interpretation of the meaning of thoughts? Do you think your thought that thoughts are meaningless is meaningless? How could you think it? This is some tangle. I think this proposition reduces to absurdity.

Also, if the imaginary world is imaginary, then you would not need to escape it. You would perhaps need to see that it is imaginary. But escape?

What room? My apartment? I do not see how anyone could be anywhere else than where they are. Is this possible? What do you mean?

Sophia said...

Hi Magnus,

It's just a question of how to make my dreams compatible with the real world. i.e. how does one make their fantasies come true when there are obstacles?

I am a dreamer because my dreams are not compatible with my current real-life situation.

Sophia said...


What if we want to escape from the room we're in?

Mossy said...


Then you would want to escape from reality, which is certainly our case most of the time.


I meant that we must be aware that we are in the room that we are in in order to be aware of reality. We are usually experiencing a mental picture of another time and place, not reality.