Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eyelid Cinema

Dream One -

My red bike was alone on the side of the road.
I was away from my bike, but desperately wanted to get back to it, before someone stole it.
I had no way of getting to my bike -
"Please, can you take me to my bike?" I asked those around me.
No one would help me.
Then came a man in a car.
After he stopped his car, I found a necklace underneath it - a silver chain with a pink crystal pendant on it.
I asked if it belonged to anyone - I didn't want to keep it if it did.
No one claimed it, so it became mine.
The man driving the car said he would take me to my bike.

Dream Two -

A man was telling me that he could see what I dream at night.
I told him that I didn't believe him.
That night, I dreamed -
The next morning he told me what I dreamed.
Then I believed him.


mossy said...

Could be the bike is your real Self, the jewelry is your imaginary self. Man in car (you tell me). I am surprised that he did not loose interest while you were fooling around with the jewelry.

Guru Kurt said...

This one is curious indeed, because I ride a maroon bike. I wrote a sonnet about it, the final line being, "Your souls the pavement my maroon bike rules."

I wrote recently about a certain someone, who would go for bike rides with me, or hikes, or maybe kayaking. I could not imagine myself touching her, but I could imagine enjoying these exciting sports by her side.

I don't like cars. These days I just go for bike rides from my house, and consider it vacation enough.

Guru Kurt said...

As for this pink crystal pendant, that is too simple. It obviously refers to the turtle necklace picture you posted, but the color pink emphasizes there was some danger associated with posting this image. Red is the color of danger, white is the color of perfection, so their blend can go either way. It might be good, but it is along the borderline.

Guru Kurt said...

Now I have to say one more thing, that it is hilarious authority should come into the world by sensible proofs. Such artifices as you describe, are the stuff religions are based on. It sounds reasonable, nearly. You didn't know the meaning of your dream, someone explained it, so you became his follower. But I think there is a deeper knowledge, that those who welcomed the Founder of the religions, were themselves powerful and aware.