Sunday, July 11, 2010

We Have Wings

Floating high... flying like a bird. I like clouds, do you?


mossy said...

I like clouds too.

This summer we have a lot of clouds where I live. This seems unusual and exotic.

Sophia said...

Do you ever look at them and try to see things?

mossy said...

Yes I try but now I do not see as much as I used to.

What do you see?

Sophia said...

I see lots of things.

I see elephants, rabbits, dragons, etc.

The other day my sister and I were outside swimming when we noticed a witch with a long nose. We both saw it!

m said...

Do you think that they are sometimes put there for you to see or that they are always random?

Sophia said...

I think they are just random, but I'm not sure. What do you think?

m said...

I think that someone could be doing it but it could also be just random.

I also saw a dragon about a week ago.

I once read a story about a guy who could make clouds disappear with his thoughts.

Sophia said...

Well, it could also be possible that someone is doing the randomness. :)

Where did you see a dragon?

What was the name of the story about the man? Do you remember?