Saturday, July 10, 2010

To You, Whom This is Concerned

Quit getting in contact with me using your pseudonyms. You think you have me fooled, but you should know that a good empath can smell a signature all the way from the other side of the universe. Stay out of my life.

(This post is meant for one person. Everyone else please ignore.)


Guru Kurt said...

This looks like a post to the "devil in man," that same face of selfish dualism spread across many bodies.

Sophia said...

Do you remember my post about the false light of an arrogant archon?

It's related to this post.

Yes... truly... the devil in man.

Guru Kurt said...

You can go farther, to say that each human can be considered the same human, with different pseudonyms, because their personalities have little fundamental uniqueness in spiritual qualities, but are mainly reactions to their sense experience.

The ego is eminently predictable. Now the task of the sadhus will be to form mental models for one another's uniqueness, but there won't be much to use for a basis, at first.

One might also say you had defined Satan, that hadn't been done before in this world, his leering grin behind every lustful man's eyes. Satan is nowhere as a spiritual force, but he is a conglomerate individual, seen wherever there is dualistic thinking (i.e. me INSTEAD OF you).

Sophia said...

Reminds me of what I posted a month or so ago, that, "I am unique, just like everyone else."

God give me strength to quit being selfish and to forgive others.

R. wants me to be forgiving. I guess I want to be, too, but it's so damn hard. I guess it's OK to forgive but trust is lost forever.