Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Spiritual secrets exist.

How to get unstuck…..

Learning to go past ourselves….

Enter into it, not dig away from it.

We are stuck in what we’ve told ourselves life is about.

All conditions are temporary.

There are no such things as the words “I can’t” in spiritual vernacular.

Real life is fluid change, not cement.

Conviction sets in that “I can’t”.

What stops us is what we don’t understand about ourselves.


mossy said...

Nice post Sophia,

"Learning to go past ourselves…"

The mechanical self can not go past itself. It must choose to submit to something higher than itself.

Ultimately it may turn out to be one's own real Self that one submits to, but that is the end, not the beginning.

Guru Kurt said...

See, this is more words or aphorisms. As you deliver them, the recipient can make his own interpretation, and seem to justify himself in his own eyes, that he has understood and implemented the instructions.

But come yourself as a higher authority to demonstrate what you have described, and they won't understand it or be able to follow it.

Spiritual authority is powerful and deep, and does not emerge from calculation. You always make the different choice, until they hate you, and can form no more concepts about you.