Saturday, July 10, 2010



Am I still in the same world I was in before?


Guru Kurt said...
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Guru Kurt said...

Now you may perhaps heed this song of Judy Garland:

"How wonderful that I’m beholding
A never-never land unfolding,
Where we polish up the stars
And mountains we move, in a life
Where all the pleasures we will prove.

It’s a new world I see,
A new world for me.
The tears have rolled off my cheek,
And fears fade away every time you speak.

A new world though we’re in a tiny room,
What a vision of joy and blossom and bloom!
A newfound promise, one that will last,
So I’m holding on and I’m holding fast!

You brought a new world to me,
And that it’ll always, always be."

Don said...

I think you can be pretty sure, Sophia, that you haven't changed worlds.

Sophia said...

Guru Kurt,

I'm very sorry that I didn't write to T. before her surgery. Will you please tell her that for me? I do want you to know that ever since you told me about her surgery I've been thinking about her a lot. I don't know why I didn't contact her. I've been very spaced out lately. I've had to call some people close to me to apologize for neglecting them due to my recent spaciness. There really is no excuse, and I feel rotten that I couldn't extend myself to T. as a friend before her time of hardship.

Sophia said...


All I can say right now is that my world has changed. :) I'm surprised you haven't noticed. I feel like I could skip down the sidewalks.