Saturday, July 17, 2010

Roger County Daily Times

An inspiring gift I received recently - more valuable than anything money could buy, for its worth is determined by the currency of the heart.

Mysterious light disrupts Indiana Farms

A curious meteorological phenomenon has been observed by the National Weather Service in the Indiana region of the United States near the Kentucky border.

The phenomenon was first observed by locals beginning about two weeks ago and consisted of a white glowing aura coming over the horizon. Initial attempts to locate it were unsuccessful. The glow has persisted and grown in intensity to the point where local farmers are dismayed that it is disrupting their farm routines. Roosters are becoming confused about when dawn is actually about to occur and are crowing prematurely, upsetting the daily rhythm of their farms. Other locals complain that their sleep cycles are being thrown off by this persistent and growing light.

The light has increased in intensity in a geometric progression until it is now visible as far away as the East coast.

All attempts to locate the source of this light have been unsuccessful until late today, when there were unconfirmed reports that the source had been traced to one Sophia White, a young woman living in Indiana. The glow is apparently emanating from her heart as it swells with love for her new ****** and the happiness he brings her.

The city council of the town in which she lives is considering a resolution urging her to leave the area so they can all get some sleep again.



Don said...

My, Sophia. How happpy you are! Keep up the good work.

Sophia said...

Thanks, Don. :)