Monday, July 5, 2010

Sophia's Ascension

so maybe i should
take some time
to learn about my

this rings a bell -

"Though she was betrayed by the false Light of the Chief Archon, the Arrogant One, she never lost her longing for the Light of the Father, the Alone-Begotten, the First Mystery."

i shall read more
-seems so familiar


Guru Kurt said...

"The Redeemer raises her just a little at the first. She is aware that things are better, that her tormenters, the archons are farther from her, but she does not know who her helper is, nor can she see him. Eventually, after several incremental steps out of the chaos of matter, the Helper is revealed to her. She sees the Logos revealed in all his dazzling glory. At first she feels ashamed and covers herself with a veil, but when she sees the virile emanations of his light-power, she can hold back no longer and rushes to his embrace. In their ecstatic reunion, a fountain of light-sparks pours forth between them, which showers the world with its redemptive seed to empower all of the exiled light of Sophia to return to the Height. With their reunion so consummated in the bridechamber of light he brings her finally into the Height and back to her aeon in the Pleroma."

Sophia said...

i sense he's very near
if not here,
but then in truth-reality
there is no such thing
as near or here

Guru Kurt said...

Actually, the souls are entirely separate from one another, so there is "near or here." Some advanced souls may communicate by telepathy.

The gurus speak as you have done here, "in truth-reality there is no such thing as near or here." In this they make the error of confusing conviction with knowledge, and poetry with logical content. They've learned that if they state something emphatically, the people go away happy, believing they have met an authority.

But none of these gurus is likable. They do not exhibit any of the pure virtues, one of which is true friendliness. Sit in their audience and you'll get a show, but don't expect them to join you in a game of Ultimate frisbee, and don't expect them to bring you a utopia which it is beyond their powers to conceive, let alone enter themselves as a community member.

Sophia said...

you are right
-i was just parroting
guru talk.
i really don't know
if there is a here
or a there.
my senses say yes.
sometimes i wonder
if my senses are more
honest toward me
than my emotions.

Guru Kurt said...

Judy Garland constantly expressed awareness from far beyond the senses. Despite every romance turning to ugliness quickly for her, she remained enthused about romance as a general principle. One might say that she possessed the Ideal of Romance, like Socrates would have said, or perhaps she had secret knowledge of a special lover who would find her beguiling, where men always turned away.