Saturday, July 3, 2010

They Gave Me a Brain and I Didn't Use it Properly

holy heck
i just figured out what's been wrong with me

it explains all my delirium
extreme arousal
and electrical shocks in my head

for the past month or so
i've been weaning off antidepressants

i just googled a few words
and found what is called
"SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome"
in particular the part about
weaning off Venlafaxine

my behavior during this time
has been absolutely wild
i can't even go into
half of it here
on this blog

i would love to know
if anyone else reading this
has experienced this
same thing or something similar
and please tell me
how it affected your moods
and your relationships


Don said...

I've been your friend since 2006.

You gave me advice which helped me find my wife.

It sounds to me like you're going through some pretty bad times now.

When that happens to me I tell myself that time always presses on, and things will change.

Anonymous said...

Doctors only ever treat symptoms. There whole diagnoses base is labeling and perscribing drugs for symptoms (Glorified pharmesists. I am not saying they dont care or are evil because i believe most of them want to help (99.99%)).

They do not seek to know, understand or know how to treat causes.

If they did, they would not ask you what is wrong with you, they would ask you what you eat, when do you sleep, what has happened to you, when did you last have anti-biotics, What does you poo look like, What does your toungue look like, fingers, eyes, ears, skin and neck. Where are your pulses and how strong/different are they... Then they would look at you and could almost definately tell you exactly what it is that you are expeiriencing.

Unfortunately, doctors are paid on the basis of what they perscribe and few of them ever come to see that there is a better form of medicine. A freind of mine who was a doctor, died at the age of 64 from accute diabetes problems. He would buy 2 packets of kit kats after the pub every day. He knew why, He knew what he would experience, and he saw himself off. True understanders of medicine know that there is a cure for diabetes. Cut sucrose down as far as you can (This is cane or beat sugar) and eat as much fruit sugar as you fancy. Gymnema is a herb that causes your insuline cells to grow back. Ask your doctor what is the cure for diabetes. He will say... "Im affraid there is none" Thats because theres not a giant pharmacutical company on the plannet that sells it. (Glorified pharmasists...) Nature provides ALL of your medicine. Even the word drug is a confused "bastardisation" of a word. Drug comes from a latin word that means 'derived from plants'"
Yet few perscribed drugs are much more than inferior laboratory emulations of medicines that comes from plants. My lady Is on Venlafaxine. The whole perfession is cagey about these 'novelty chemicals'. Most of them know that what they do is wrong. Anyway, I could wag my chin all day :) if you want to know more of my philosophy, ask and Ill tell. (Only you have the power to solve your own problems. Seek truth, and ye shall find)

Love in bunches

Sophia said...

don, it means a lot to me
that i was able to help you
in some way

Sophia said...

hi anonymous -

i'm very thankful
for the doctors
because i don't know
who else could help

but i do know i
would have liked to have
had some kind of warning
about what it's like
when one weans off
this particular drug

at the moment
i feel lucky
because i do not have diabetes
-it runs in my father's family
from what i've heard from
a biological great uncle

Sophia said...

from what i've been reading tonight
effexor is a very powerful drug
and is especially difficult to get off of

i'm just glad to know
that everything i've been through
the past month
was not me

Don said...

Sometimes I feel like my entire past life at all times is not me.

Live in the moment, do your best.

Diane said...

Hang in there, Sophia. I went through the electrical zaps when I got off of Paxil. It was awful. No one warned me, either. Finally, I discovered I could do it VERY, VERY slowly, without so much discomfort by cutting the pills into tinier and tinier doses. It took about a month doing it that way, but it was much safer.
Love and blessings to you.