Friday, July 9, 2010

Stars Are Made For The Sky (ft. Moya Brennan) - Nassau Royal

I found this video completely by accident.
Never heard of this guy. I was actually looking for Maire Brennan music.
This is a beautiful song... very tender and sensitive.


Guru Kurt said...

Most current songs, including this one, are fixed on private satisfactions, therefore to the mind of discrimination they are heard as inferior and cloying, something like watching a bear retreating into its den.

The words "tender" and "sensitive" are badly abused, because as these concepts work their way into human thinking it is generally with sense experience for an analogy.

The truly sensitive person keeps one eye on the society, and the other on his or her close companions. He does not turn his back upon the larger group for the sake of the senses.

Tenderness amounts to terrific power, which is used to form intricate and accurate mental models for the personalities of others. You hold them in a "tender regard," but prerequisite for this is an absence of the potential for touching.

Guru Kurt said...

The video of a little girl walking alone is intriguing. She does not look wicked, but thoughtful. That's far outside my observations of any children in this lifetime.