Friday, July 9, 2010

Knights in Dazzling Sparkly Armor

how nice to know the knight
that she dreamed of
when she was a young girl
and continued dreaming
about as she turned
into a woman.
the age old secret is real-
from out of her dreams
he came.

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Guru Kurt said...

The world has never heard one solid detail about true love, and so following the senses the concept is massively confused with grabbing.

In true love, you have the power in your own soul to generate feelings of warmth and affection on the basis of noble attributes that you notice and catalog about the other.

Therefore a "red-hot romance" would only grow steamier with time, as any moment your heart can become a living flame of love upon considering the positive attributes of the beloved.

The knight rescues the damsel and it is very dramatic, but does he have the power for a lifelong romance, and is she interesting enough for this? And can she find him romantically attractive, even if his attributes are obscure and difficult to discern?