Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i distract myself - maybe dis-track?

i guess you should know
that my inane ramblings post
was really just a distraction
-not for you but for me

in all honesty,
perhaps a lot of my posts
are really just distractions


mossy said...

You are a distraction for me too.

Sophia said...

then why come here?
guilty pleasure?
feelings of familiarity?
feelings of similarity?

i know you could not
possibly wish to live
vicariously through me,
so there must be
another reason.

Guru Kurt said...

I played the "Prince of Persia" video game last year. The prince wants to go it alone, but an impetuous girl joins him. Their mode of travel is not along the ground. Instead they run along the sides of walls, and around posts, cooperating to make the difficult turns and leaps. If the prince falls, the girl saves him with her mystical power, every time.

mossy said...

Everything that is not done specifically for the purpose of being present is done for the purpose of not being present.

Guru Kurt said...

Categorical statements are typically evidence of a dualistic mind. Chop, chop!

goatman said...

I have always enjoyed your poetry.