Wednesday, July 7, 2010


because i pride myself
on being honest
- how can i expect
others to be honest
with me if i am not
honest with them -
i have to say
that these days
i am not putting all
my eggs in one basket.
just for the purpose
of safety,
and because it's
always nice
to have a backup plan.


Cold As Heaven said...

Don't do that. Put one egg in a different place. You never know ... >:)

Cold As Heaven

Guru Kurt said...

That's a curious thing for a girl to remark, who has a "baker's dozen" of strange little eggs, neither here nor there, in her basket today.

Fred Astaire sang,

"I'm putting all my eggs in one basket,
I'm betting everything I've got on you.

I'm giving all my love to one baby,
Heaven help me if my baby don't come through."

Sophia said...

that fred astaire
quote is right on,
especially the part
where he pleads with