Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where the Attention Goes, Energy Flows

Today I am sitting here
Sending energy out my
Bare toes.


Anonymous said...

We Will Be Calling On You Soon, Dear Sophia. Your Cries Have Been Heard. WE NEVER SLEEP.

S.D. Rockefeller

Sophia said...

My toes never sleep?

Michelle said...

Apparently they don't darling!

Sophia said...

But they go to the market.

They stay home.

They buy roast beef.

They buy None.

And they go We We We We, all the way home.

Kathy said...

ahhhh happy feet ;-D

Sophia said...

Yes, very happy feet.

But they'd be happier if they could dance without looking like they are two left feet.

V said...