Monday, August 17, 2009

K is 11

You remember the message;
The one that has you
Keeping your eyes and ears
Open for the one whose name
Begins with K.
K is the 11th letter
Of the alphabet.

You said
Your Angel was androgynous.
K is androgynous
Because 11 is androgynous.
Two in One.


Kathy said...


Kathy said...

I'm not sure what this is about...numerology?

Eye See Sophia said...

Yes, it is some form of numerology. I'm not exactly sure just what form. Maybe more like freestyle. Symbolism in numbers.

Like with that post I made some time ago about 811. People noticed the 8 was symbolic of infinity. V said it was the vertical infinity of one and only one. By vertical infinity I think now he meant to go up, like up the Tree of Life or up to higher planes. Some other commentators had good ideas, too. You just kind of go with the flow. Although there are some systems with set definitions of the numbers. I haven't studied them very much yet, and I stress "yet" because I plan on doing so, just because it's fun. It stirs up dialog on more than one plane.

Mem Key said...

Wow Sophia, this is an amazing insight. Truly appreciated.
Like a love letter from my Guardian Angel. This explains why my Holy Guardian Angels last name is Khasheem. I get it now.

I didn't understand the K at all. But they 'channeld' this info through you, my Spiritual sister always open to Wisdom from above.

Amazing. Honestly, this is priceless information to me becuase I could "decipher" the whole name except the K. The K had me scratching my head, but this confirms that my Visions were True to the core.
This is really their way of confirming that the Vision I saw was real and not wishful thinking.

Awesome Sophia. Truly awesome.

P.S....I saw this yesterday. Kinda intersting.

All. The All.

Alpha....the beginning...the Father, Singularity.the spirit that keeps us 'sprouting'..etc.

ll is humanity. Male-Female. Bad-Good. Up-Down. The Equal division.

So All truly is All. The word truly leaves no-one out.

Even capital ALL...the L's are still equal in everyway.

Eye See Sophia said...

Brother, we continue surfing the wave on the same board.

When I was typing this blog post about K earlier, I had also typed - but erased - a verse about the A-Team and Mr. T. But I changed my mind because I didn't understand where it fit in. I had a vision of the A-Team and immediately thought how A was the first letter of the alphabet and I was trying to figure out how it fit in with the 11. Now I know, thanks to you. It is A-11 or A11 or All. Also, the T is the 20th letter of the alphabet, and 20 = 2 = 1+1

Mem Key said...

Sister, we continue to string together amazing beads of synchronicity.
You said the T is the 20th letter, or 2 or 1+1.

The T is the Tau Cross, always representative of the Christ spirit in us. 1 and 1 shows that Christ is in all of us, good and bad.

The Yin-Yang explains this better by putting a cicle in the black half and the white half. Christ is 'hidden' as the Point in the middle of each circle. So this is like saying the Tau Cross (Christ) is in 1 and 1, or both equal halves of humanity.

But let us not forget the GRAND circle in the Yin-Yang. The Christ Spirit of Earth that is incredibly humble and giving and sprouts flowers through even cement, is the center of the Grand circle of the Yin and Yang.

You are looking at 3 Christ "focal points" in the Yin Yang. Each the "Half of the Whole" or Pi. One for all men and women (1-1) and one for earth.

This is why some put a serpent in the middle part of the Yin-Yang to show that Christ walked this middle path.

Also Pi begins with 3 before going off into eternity. It begins as a regular, non-eternal number because you can "see" it's beginning. But once it goes beyond the becomes Eternal.

Kathy said...

where is your search button for this blog? i was going to search 811 post...but search tool not there. I don't remember if i commented on that post or not. But i do remember seeing a poster sign by bus stop with huge numbers of 811. i thought it was odd... numerology is interesting...people have been reading symbolism in it since the beginning of time..."beginning of time" can't imagine a time when there was no that's odd ;-D

Eye See Sophia said...

Now you've done it. Not only have your blog changes inspired me to start looking for a new look for my blog, but also now I know I need a search box, too. :)

The link to the 811 post is here:

Just for fun, I'll show you something I use from time-to-time on Google. In the Google search box, type what is in between the quotes -

That works on other sites, too. You just need to type the search term (like 811) and then the site: command before the blog or page address.

Eye See Sophia said...

Hmmm... it didn't show up right. There is a space between 811 and site:

Kathy said...

I found the search blinks when you mouse over it...but works. 811 was the title...strange that it doesn't show up...

Eye See Sophia said...

I forgot to mention that I think it is really cool that you saw the 811 sign!!

Mossy said...

Wow! Great look.

It seems that 11 is your magic number.

Hmmm. 11 comments before mine.

Sophia said...

Thanks, Moss. The blog needed a new wardrobe to catch up with the times.

11 has been my magic number for a few years, now.

It's great that you noticed the number of comments before yours. Good eye. :)

Sophia said...

Moss, a couple hours ago I arrived home after a visit to my dad's house. As I was getting ready to turn the car off, I noticed the odometer on the dashboard with its digital numbers. The number was 1111.

Sophia said...

When I got the email from the comment I just made, it said it was sent at 11:11pm!! My comment about the 1111 odometer mileage was posted at 11:11!!!

This is too cool.

Mossy said...

Very mysterious.

Your last entry posted at xx:11 too.

11 might mean "begin again" since it indicates the begining of another set of ten. Hmmm... Begin what?

Sophia said...

Hi Mossy,

Very keen! Yes, I see it now, that since 10 is a number of perfection and completeness, 11 is starting over or beginning anew.