Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Strange but Fascinating Tales from the Book of the Mysteries and Wonders of Life

What does it mean
To be Nikola Tesla's
That is the message
I was supposed to
Receive last night
From you know who.

And other oddities...
That are no longer oddities
But a way of Life

How does one
Absorb into their being,
Someone else's
Their speech patterns
And mannerisms
When way beyond the age
Of impressionable
What does it mean?

Back to Tesla...
The impression I get
Says it has something
To do with a Hierophant.
Knowing little if not nothing
About tarot cards,
I will have to look
And see.


human being said...

hmmm... seems you are digging to find a treasure...

keep up the good job!

Eye See Sophia said...

Digging is in itself a treasure! :)