Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Sixth Sense

In 1999 there was a movie
That turned a phrase
Into a meme
That can still be heard

The movie was called
"The Sixth Sense"
And the phrase was,
"I see dead people."

In the Twilight Zone
Which I sometimes
Find myself,
I feel like the
Little boy who
Spoke those words.

No one would listen to me,
No one would believe me
And most certainly
No one would understand me
If I were to one day
Call out,
"I see God."


Kismet said...

We know about the five senses:Visual, Auditory, Olfactory, Tactile and Gustatory. These are the "physical" senses,
but what is the sixth sense? Is it psychic (soulful) or mystic (spiritual)? So many enigmas to sort out.

Sophia said...

For me personally, I think the sixth sense is the sense that there is a spiritual realm. It is a sensing of one's soul, or a sensing of the mystical nature of everyone and everything. It is a sensing of the divine in everyone or everything. It is saying to someone "namaste" and meaning it, knowing it.