Sunday, August 23, 2009

How Mystics Celebrate Birthdays

Yesterday was my mother's birthday
She is now 54 years old
Still a youngin'
She only feels old
Because I'm 31
Not because she's 54

For her birthday
She fixed me dinner
A type of pizza
With a Greek-style
Salad on top
Bake the
Pillsbury pizza dough
Spaghetti sauce
Mozzarella cheese
Mushrooms on a pan
In a bowl mix
Marinated artichoke hearts
Use all the marinade juice
Black olives
Parmesan cheese
And place this
Solution on top
Of the baked pizza
There were leftovers
(Which I just ate)

After our meal
We ventured to
The local
Orchard, winery,
Cheese factory, bakery,
And had ourselves
A little fun
Two giggling girls
Tasting four different
Sweet delicious wines -
Concord grape, strawberry,
Peach, sangria
It was fun
Seeing my mother
Taste the wine
Because she is almost
A wine virgin
And only a few sips
Makes her smile
A bit larger
Than normal
We sampled cheese
And breads
And jams
O my!

She told me
Happily of how
Her sister (my aunt)
Had left a nice gift for her
I like that someone
In her family
Remembers her birthday
My aunt is always
Very thoughtful

The rest of the day
Was spent
With me setting up
Her brand new laptop
Moving files
Off her desktop PC
Formatting her PC
Reinstalling Windows
Tomorrow I must go back
To find an appropriate
Driver for the monitor
But only after I've enjoyed
A meal at my father's and stepmother's
My family and a friend
Are stepping up
To give me company
As my husband is gone
For almost two weeks
Leaving me all alone
With a dog
And four cats
And more chores
Than I'm used to
But it all makes
Great aerobic exercise

Tonight I
Watered the garden
Changed the kitty litter
And settled down
With my laptop
And a glass of
Sweet Marcella
That is the concord
Grape wine
The wine I liked
The best

Cheers to Mom


Don said...

That so sweet, Sophia.

Much better than what my family's going through.

A fight over inheritance.

Maybe someday the concept of money will go obsolete.

Sophia said...

I have yet to meet a perfect family. For that matter, I have yet to meet a perfect human. :)

My own family has some estrangements, so my family is not picture-perfect either. In our family it is not anything to do with money but mostly just a drifting away.

I wonder if it is money that is the problem or if it is people's attachment to money.

Don said...


It gets better and worse. It comes to a head and then abates. It'll be OK.

We've had to sell all our cattle due to the drought.