Sunday, August 16, 2009


This body is
nothing more than
oxygen, carbon, hydrogen,
nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus
Swimming in
An elemental
Universal goo
Brought to life
By an element
Not on the periodic table.


Kathy said...

I still find it amazing...this animated me.

Eye See Sophia said...

Your comment made me smile.


Mem Key said...

Don't forget Iron, magnesium, sulfur.
Our bodies also produce EVERY chemical known to humans through our glands, which give us 'emotions' and 'feelings'.

Brought to life by the only Element not on the Periodic Table. hehe Very interesting thought.

I like that.

Elemental, universal goo. :)

I love your thinking. Why call it a wave when it is truly a 'goo' that is loaded with all we need.

Great post.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous! I love your new avatar but I miss your smile...

Eye See Sophia said...

Hi Mem,

There were too many elements to name, at least according to modern chemistry. Maybe it would have been better to go with the Greek Classical Elements. It seems now I was subconsciously attempting to mix old with new.

Glad you liked this. You are involved in the most recent post.

Eye See Sophia said...

Hi Michelle,

I was going for a new "look", one of less of me. Still there is too much of me written all over this blog.

Kathy said...

O wow! Love your new blog look Sophia...beautiful and it goes with your theme and topics. :)

Sophia said...

Thanks, Kathy. It was you that inspired me.