Monday, August 24, 2009

How Mystics Enjoy Food

Spent more time
Earlier at my mother's
Working on her desktop PC

All the troubles I'd had
Were ameliorated
When I realized
It was NOT
The monitor driver
That was lacking
But instead it
Was the video driver
And also installed
A network driver
Now she has normal
Resolution and
Internet access

I have spent a lot
Of time in my life
Helping others with
Electronics, gadgets
But especially computers
So I know how people
Like to pay us with food
My mother included
So earlier tonight
She made some fried
Potatoes from the farm
We visited
And mixed in bits
Of green peppers from
Our garden
And onions, too

Now I'm home
Alone and have
Just enjoyed
Her homemade
Blueberry cobbler
Made with blueberries
From the farm

Anyone who knows me offline
Probably knows that
The last thing I need
To be eating is cobbler
But her cobblers are
So delicious, so sweet,
That I sometimes find
Myself in a trance
As I eat them
She made me promise
Not to eat it all at once
But I think she knew better

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