Tuesday, August 25, 2009

11 - To Begin a New Journey

"[Her] quest for God has reached its terminus but [her] quest in God will now start its course." ~Paul Brunton


mania said...

so penetrating and deep words. thanks for sharing.

Mem Key said...

Short but sweet. There are many levels to even the simplest of paths and this highlights one of them.

After spending much time reaching out to Light, you might be surprised to find yourself walking in the Light.


Anonymous said...

We can follow an ever ascending spiral, first seeking, next resting in the light, then seeking again at a deeper level.

This can happen on the scale of a year, a day, or a minute.

Your post was at 12:34.
Ascending numbers.

Sophia said...

Mania, this quote touched me deeply, too.

Sophia said...

Hi Mem Key,

Life is full of surprises.

It makes everything worth it.

Sophia said...


Yes, and also the numbers of the Tetraktys.

I am happy to read your comment, because I still feel there is more waiting to be discovered and uncovered, and that there will always be more. I knew my seeking was not yet over.

Mem Key said...

Wow, anonymous soul pointed out that you posted at 12:34.
Which made me look at mine.

I posted at 3:33.

My number is 3, as you have known for awhile now.

I always know I'm on 'time' and in synch when I step into one of your creations. You glow with great energy.

Sophia said...

I noticed that. I was trying to interpret it. Do any of these mean something to you?


Sophia said...


Right after I posted that I realized you posted your last comment at 12:42.

12:42 IS



V said...

In God we quest.

Sophia said...

That is beautiful, V.

Sophia said...

P.S. I really like your profile picture. Cool!