Friday, August 21, 2009

What Does This Quote Mean to You?

Here's the new rule: break the wineglass, and fall towards the glassblower's breath.

- Rumi


goatman said...

To me it means sail freely, break with attachments and do not expect even that which formed them to restrain you.


Sophia said...

I like that.

For me it means to break free from the material, the world of senses and illusion and return to the Source.

Rabia Akram/mania said...

for me, its mean, desiring to meet the almighty one. unity with God.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the wine glass is the heart.

How much more do we need God when the heart is broken?

How could it not be broken?

Perhaps we only pretend that it is not.

goatman said...

And what is the source?

Kathy said...

The source is that which breathes us

Sophia said...

Oh Rabia, I am so happy that you have visited here and left a comment, because I had been to your blog some months ago but lost the link. Now I can visit your beautiful blogs again and read your precious writings and view your lovely images. Thank you so much.

Sophia said...

Anonymous, Ooooo that is a lovely way of putting it. Indeed, a broken heart brings one nearer to God. It is sad to say that sometimes we only "need" God when we are down on our knees, but sometimes it takes a moment like that to awaken one to the spiritual realm.

Maybe this is another facet of the Dark Night of the Soul.

Sophia said...


Yeah, what Kathy said. :) I couldn't have said it better.