Sunday, May 17, 2009


Let's look into it.


Sophia said...


Dave said...

811 Even though we appear to be sperate 1's 11. We are part on one whole number 811 and when you place the 8 side ways all is infinite we do not begin we do not end. We are all one.

Just something that hit me as I read your post.

Anonymous said...

8 = Balance/Harmony ( like the symbol of Yin & Yang ).

11 = 2 world's which are but one ( spiritual & physical ).

In conclusion -A balanced life provide's Harmony and unity to one both spiritually and physically.

Eternal Light, Joseph

Jimi said...

811 to me would be simply Eternity in it's entirety.

8 is Eternal and 11 is the 2 Primal Poles, Pos. and Neg.

Since Positive and Negative are the very "poles" that create vortexes in their battle for power over one another. These vortexes give "birth" to atoms.

So you could say 8-11 is the Eternal Polarity of All Creation. The Creator or simply.....ETERNITY.

Since nothing, including eternity, exists without Poles, you could just say it's Eternity itself.

ALSO, to distill 811 in Gematria leaves you with 10.
The Perfection that is Eternity.

Interesting number, to say the least.

Sophia said...

You all see amazing things in this number.

As for the source of the number... it appeared to me in a flash vision.

I have more fun working with you than without you - because we're a team. So I asked, and gladly I received, information from you inspired by your Genius.

Sophia said...


I though you'd all like to know - the other night I was watching a movie. ("Benjamin Button"). Sometimes I find it hard to pay attention because I like to ponder upon things... things like numbers such as this for instance. I was thinking about the number 8 being the symbol for infinity, when all of a sudden one of the characters in the movie said, "Do you know what the number 8 symbolizes?" Before the other characters could answer, I did. "Infinity," I said. And then I heard an echo as the other characters chimed in.

V said...

Vertical infinity is the one and only one.

Kathy said...

Thanks Sophia for the i remember reading this post.