Saturday, May 16, 2009

Soul Sharing

As I was preparing to fall asleep in the bed last night, I was struck by an interesting idea. I wonder if some of us share the same soul? That could explain why some of us seem to be so closely linked, and why some of us say some very uncanny things full of synchronicity between us... and why we can sometimes sense each other so easily.


Jimi said...

Well, there IS entaglement. Which says that two particles (or souls, for that matter)may be on opposite ends of the Universe, but if they are Entagled, then what happens to one happens to the other and vice versa.
For example, two friends of mine who are twins, BOTH got pulled over by police in TWO seperate cities while working at the same Hour and BOTH were let off with warnings only. ONE drove off and called the other and they realized what just happened.

ALSO, two souls may share the same Vibe or Tune In to the same "station".
When you are vibrating at the same frequency of another, you are very much Synchronized with them.

So through Entanglement and Vibration, two souls may share almost identical situations through different perspectives.

I think you and I are either Vibrating on the same level or are Entangled.

human being said...

oh yes Jimi is right and explained it so beautifully...

quantum entanglement explains this feeling...
all the world is energy and when two similar frequency meet... wow!

i call it overlapping souls...

many times i feel the presence of my friends a short while before they come to my blog or before they put up a new post...

Sophia said...

Hi Jimi,

Does entanglement happen only between two souls? Or at least two souls?

I guess by "sharing" I am thinking of an even higher level of ourselves. Maybe we don't share a soul (or maybe we do...), but we can share a Higher Self. (Of course at the highest of highest levels, we all "share" God.) I can't stop thinking about concentric circles... like the kind you get on the water's surface when you throw a pebble into a pond.

(Whoa.... I just now experienced some kind of profound feeling of deep deep DEEP love that brought tears to my eyes.)

I know that I've experienced a lot of synchronicity with you! Sometimes it seems so unreal. But I am so happy now to see how deeply people can really truly connect. I wish everyone could experience this.

Sophia said...

Hi HB,

I felt your presence all throughout my camping trip!

Now I really see the beauty in crows.

Jimi said...

If we are sticking with the Entanglement (I misspelled it up there, sorry, lol)theory then it IS possible for more than one particle to become entangled.
It is is one or more, not just two.
So we should be able to have two to twenty souls Entangled at any given moment.
Which is why as your Will Power grows, or the power of Action and Creation grows, you must be careful not to think of negative situations or picture an accident happening because you will create 10 of those around the shared Earth!!
We are all entangled in the sense that we are all emenating from and returning to ONE.
But two souls will always be in perfect Harmony because of the Laws of Polarity and duality, etc.
So, two seeking life together then create Life between them on the "search" for each other.

The "connection" strength depends on the Belief and the Expectations of the observer/s.

Sophia said...

I get it now! You were tagging me. En-tag-lement. i.e. it's my turn to email you. :)

I gotta start keeping a closer eye on all the messages people are subconsciously leaving me through their misspellings, etc.

Just out of curiosity... why 20?

Sometimes I visualize loving energy wrapping around planet earth. I even make it all pretty with flowing ribbons.

Anyway, I've been saving up some things to say in an email, in particular about polarity. Trying to get logic and intuition to balance.

Diane Meier said...

What a thought provoking idea - sharing souls. Perhaps we share souls with our own self in parallel universes.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that one soul can be shared by two people, i.e. twin souls? I personally don't relate to that. I think souls can vibrate on the same frequency which can include many souls. I also believe in soul groups, that we each came with a purpose and that there are other souls in your spiritual tribe working for the same purpose, which could at some point connect you to them in this dimension.

Don said...

Hofstadter in "I am a Strange Loop" explores the idea that couples can become two bodies sharing one mind. I find myself automatically turning down the radio when my wife needs to use the phone in the car, an example of two bodies operating as one.

donstockbauer *attt*

Don said...

What if all bodies on the earth shared the same soul? Like, what if they formed some sort of global organism????

donstockbauer *attt*

Bob said...

I don't like the idea of sharing the same soul.
It's nice to communicate of course. ~But there is a part of myself that I don't want to share.

Anonymous said...

Essentially we are exact same spiritual essense expressing it's very diverse nature through a multitude of avenue's/physical element's.

What bind's us from directly experiencing this oneness is the personal baggage of the individual expression/entity ( physical vehicle/You/Me etc ).

Negative Energie's ( which is the energy which bind's our soul ) need 's to be subdued & eliminated from our personal being.

The more Positive our energy become's the further indepth our personal experience become's.

This is the act of washing our outer garment's as white as snow as stated in biblical term's, and also why the Gospel in particular speak of the act of love so often becuase it is the Positively charge emotion and work's to break the restaint's of Negative energie's.

Positive/Negative - we are essentially " Energy Masses " and far more than just physical bodie's, one energy lead's to the light and one fall's away, the choice is alway's Your's.

Peace Be With You, Joseph

Don said...

Communicating is sharing one's soul.

Sophia said...

Maybe we can discover the true meaning behind the term "soul mates"! I think pop-culture misunderstands it, and now it's used everywhere like dime romance novels and dating web sites.

I consciously acknowledged the other day that my pets are very obvious members of my soul family. I always knew they had souls - but then I realized perhaps we were destined to be a part of each others' lives.

What do you all think about animal souls?

Boomer Soniat said...

I have a question, but first let me give u a little back history. My younger brother and only sibling(Jamal), myself (Boomer), and our grandmother(Anna) have birthdays that are 4 days apart. Nov 13th, 17th and 21st respectively. The three of us have always shared a strange kind of connection. Like clockwork we would call one another at times which seemed random but always coincided with something bad happening to one of us. Jamal live is Los Angeles, My grandma and myself are in Salt Lake City. Jamal has always been an linear person. He makes a decision and has no problem living with the consequences. I have always been overly analytical. Not so much technical, but more practical. I consider myself a student of human nature and probability. Since I could remember my grandma has always been the cohesive component that held our family together. Jamal and I are the youngest of her 14 grandchildren, and share a very close relationship with the matriarch of our family. Three days ago our grandmother passed away. She was the unfortunate victim of Alzheimer's. At the exact moment she passed both Jamal and I felt an extremely strong and sudden void inside our physical bodies. It was as if someone literally ripped ur chest of and air started rushing in. Since then neither of us has shed a single tear, not even at the loss of the woman that raised us from the time he was 5 and I was 17( after our mother passed away ). After talking with Jamal tonight a few really strange things started to fall into place. He says that after noticing the void feeling in his chest he felt confused and caught off guard. He says he took a single deep breath, told himself everything was OK and like that he was able to deal with the strange feeling of feeling like ur chest was ripped open. Simultaneously I was stopped mid-sentence and lost myself in thought trying to figure out where the feeling originated from and why. Sherlock Holmes once said that " If u have exhausted all logical possibilities, then the illogical must be the solution." With that said, I'll explain my theory. I am starting to believe that the three of us shared a single soul and each of us was a representative of a specific aspect of that particular soul. Jamal is the decision maker, I am the logic, and our grandma was the emotion. Since she has passed both of us have become introverts only have conversations that last longer than 5 minutes when we talk to each other. Jamal says that everything he has done lately, even something as mundane and blinking, has been placed on a virtual list in his mind and he visualizes it getting checked off. I haven't been able to stop thinking. I analyze every little thing I lay eyes on. I visualize every single component of it, disassemble it in my head, reassemble it, the question its function and practicality. It seems like the loss of the emotional portion of our single soul has amplified our areas. Am I dead on with my theory? Am I in the ballpark with it? Or have I completely missed the mark?