Saturday, May 9, 2009

Going for the Gold

My bro Jims - who strives for the Gold, is passionate about Truth and good character... is optimistic always and has such wonderful energy!

Last night the I-Ching told me:

The Southwest furthers....
The Northeast does not further.

Jim lives in the Southwest!!! And indeed he has been helping to further me along the path. His light shines bright!

Seeking enlightenment, we often find ourselves alone on the path. Having fellowship with someone of like-mind is an awesome experience, and together we inspire and encourage the other (although I think he's helped me much more than I've helped him!).


Anonymous said...

Uh-oh spaghettios! (LOL) Dark clouds approaching.

Sophia said...

My dear anonymous friend, there you are again.

You want us to go your way, and your way only. Any other way, and we're doomed, or so you'd lead us to believe.

Have you ever stopped to think, that maybe the dark clouds that are approaching, are headed your way and not ours?

Let go of the gloom. "Frown at life and it frowns back at you; smile at life and it returns the gesture."

Stop being JUST the teacher, and be the student, too. That is what we all are - students and teachers.

Anonymous said...

????. Sorry about that I posted on the wrong blog. That was me under anonymous.

Sophia said...

Oh my goodness. Doh! Sorry... I thought you were the anonymous that usually posts to my blogs. I thought he was speaking of dark clouds in a metaphorical way.

It seems you were right, though - there are dark clouds here and it's getting ready to rain! I love the rain. :)