Thursday, May 21, 2009


In a dream, I flew as high as I could fly. My arms were outstretched and I was yelling, "I LOVE flying!"

I woke up at 11:11 two mornings in a row.

The same Voice speaks to me through different people.


Anonymous said...

Feeling Good/Positive ( or continually being on a high/enjoying life ) will provide balance in Your world.

Generally, feeling good in whatever You decide to experience cleanse's our physical structure of built-up Negatively charged energie's which is produce when we express harmful emotion's such as Fear, Anger, Frustration, Self-Doubt, Jealousy, Hate etc.

The Human body is scientifically proven to be a Mass of " Energy " and it is far easier to percieve what we are doing to ourselve's internally when expressing emotion's ( whether expressing self-harming energy or self-benefitial energy ), when we view ourselve's as energy masses and not just simple physical bodies.

Our physical bodie's structure is made up of the great Polar energies being Positive & Negative energie's however, as I stated prior one can cleanse the body of Negative energy by simply choosing to express the Positive energie's by generally feeling good in everything You say, think or do.

Peace & Light, Joseph

Anonymous said...

( ahm ) excuse me I forgot to add, the 1st paragraph in my above statement/post was the interpretation of Your dream prior to me getting somewhat carried away and overly indepth into the finer detail's that followed.( laugh's & smiles )


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. I want to wake up at 11:11 every morning too. 7:11 here.

goatman said...

I envy you your ability to fly in your dreams. I used to be able to do that, although sometimes the telephone wires would be a hinderance. But flying amongst the tree limbs and above them was a singular joy. Haven't had a flying dream for some time though. These dreams may be a symbol of our freedom, or our perception of our freedom.
Some day I will fly again.

Jimi said...

11:11 has grown in importance to me. It is the 4 Pillars of the Universe held "up" by our Imagination or Minds.

We are the 3 (triangle) within the Square, or 4 "pillars".

Which reveals a secret because the Tri-Angle has always represented also Deity. We are, in fact, Divine. We are the 3.

But Man in Gematria is 9. In alchemy Man is sometimes 5 because of the Star-Shape of man and 5 fingers and toes, etc.

But we are ALSO the traingle held "in bounds" by the 4.

Your 11:11 is your boundary. You must be peeking all the way into the ends of the Universe before you wake up.
11:11 is kind of like the Universe's Dead End sign. No more road, turn back, you've come too far!! lol

Sophia said...


Get carried away all you like, please! :) Just go with the flow, because you say wonderful truths when you do.

Your comments reminded me of something that was said in the Kybalion regarding two of the Seven Hermetic Laws, the Law of Polarity and the Law of Rhythm. Using our will power we can make ourselves stay in a positive state instead of swinging like a pendulum into the negative state.

Sophia said...

Anonymous - did you wake up to the alarm clock or on your own?

Sophia said...

Goatman -

You can fly now!

I see your wings
Preparing for takeoff.

Sophia said...

Hi Jimi,

I saw the pillars, too. But a couple months ago, I saw something else. I saw, the fifth element!

Yes, 1+1+1+1 = 4, 'tis true! Four elements... malkuth... stuck in a material world... or so we think! Hidden within the pillars is :



: = the fifth element.


The Quintessence! :)

Anonymous said...

11:11 is a spiritual number, but many people are awakening beyond the need to see that particular one and will begin seeing their own personal set of numbers. Any numbers you see consistantly will have a special meaning for you, and it's not always the universal meaning.

Anonymous said...

I've always wished I could fly.

Dave said...

Just as you have different personalities inside you yet you have one and the same voice. You love to go above the normal and you love to observe from a lofty spot. When you arose at 11:11 each day your internal clock loves the sameness that comes with NO time. As far as awakened you are.

V said...

Flying high will you bring you to nothing but One. And you are while lying down. Dreaming. \\://