Friday, June 26, 2009

I Have Not Felt Fire in My Belly for a Long Time Now

Until tonight.

I am keeping my cool, the fire burns but it is under control.

I have avoided political topics on my blogs since I started blogging five years ago.

I have avoided religious or political debates online.

Tonight, I am breaking my rules. Inaction, or trying to sit peacefully and idly by in the name of being spiritual is not going to get anything done when there is business that needs to be done.

It's been over a month since I posted to my blog and I feel this is a worthy topic so here I am tonight, posting once more.

The below message is one I have just published to a group I have belonged to for over a year. I am posting it here on this blog because I feel it carries a very important message.


I spent a lot of time today in contemplation (i.e. thought)... and I
started to wonder, "What am I doing here?"

Some of you have surprised me by brushing off the NEED of women in
other countries to have equality with men. Someone has said that
there are jobs in the US that women can't work because of strength
issues, or to leave it to the Ayatollah to make the rules. What has
strength got to do with human rights? Does a woman have to be
physically strong to run for president? Is it because she is weak
that she is forced to wear burdensome clothing and head covering in
the sweltering heat? Is it because she is weak that she can not
inherit property? Why is the woman the one that is stoned to death
when she is found alone with a male or even raped by a man?

I'm not asking for us to all go join the Peace Corps or anything, just
asking for those who represent this forum (i.e. the one who does the
most talking) to at LEAST show me a sign of the spark.

I am not a feminist claiming female supremacy. Quit making excuses
for those who oppress women. All I want to see is equality and NO

Where are the elder Rosicrucian role models, because when I signed on
to studying Rosicrucianism I had just assumed they all know we all
carry the same Divinity as the same Divinity carries us.

A couple or few of you have really surprised me and I am deeply
disappointed. This is something I feel passionate about and I can not
accept spiritual teachings and/or affiliation with a spiritual group
who does not at least start on grounds that all are equal.

This may very well be my ego speaking in a fiery mood tonight but it
is no doubt inspired by my Higher Self which KNOWS who we are and says
NO excuses. I see no signs of love in those that make excuses for the
lack of equality all around the world and the last thing I want to see
is a supposed Rosicrucian making excuses for oppression.

I respect the elders, but I will not agree to accepting this opinion.




Alexander M Zoltai said...


Mem Key said...

The World is dire in need of Passion sis!
THIS is exactly what brings us our Purpose in Life, The Action Power of Shin ignited under an important "reflection" or idea, Mem.
I saw this Need as well Sophia as I thought of Neda and all of the women, including the one on the cover of the last Time Magazine.
The ENTIRE Earth sphere is Uniting under commong Beliefs. Now there are people in Iran we know nothing about but have suddenly realized, WE are the ones who help them.
But you are seeing THROUGH the Illusion of "country" and see Common Beings who are in need of Freedom and Expression, no matter what name their country is.

Neda is so special to me in my heart and I cannot explain it. I do not even fully understand the Nature of their conflict, etc....

But I feel Neda is part of my story. It was around the same day she was shot that I received my completed Message.
She is the Call to Mental Arms. She is the Leading Voice that is asking us "Why do you remain plugged into your Meda when Life and Purpose, all that you want, are outside your door waiting for you?"
Martyrs are usually blank canvases that everyone is able to see their own Hopes and Dreams in.

Neda is no different. The women you see Sophia have Inserted the Idea of Freedom into their Collective Conscious and they are Winning the Votes!!!
Except the vote of Belief requires no 'honest count system' or political parties, it is the Belief that You are All you Need.

I Believe these people will never rest until they have Justice, and for that, I honor them in my Heart and Mind.
And Nobody is too blind to see that it is the WOMAN, the courage of women, who is winning Iran's Freedom.
Those "ugly" traditions that you talk about sis, they are ALSO the reason so many MEN are embarassed to be "behind" the women in protests.
As LONG as women keep protesting, the men HAVE to follow because they are taught that they are "stronger" and this is an ego check.
So it truly is the Woman leading the way right now sis.
Because we must remember how weak the men look to their own culture when their women are the ones running to the front of the line to protest. Unafraid.

It is funny that in the end, it will be the so-called "fragile" woman who brings Freedom to the people of Iran.
The Pendelum always swings back. The Woman will probably rule Iran in a few years with this "recipe" for success.

GREAT Fire Sophia! Let the Spiritual Minds of the World Activate!!

Form of: World Peace.

P.S. If World Peace is only to be found Within......

*Mem Key*

Tao1776 said...

To thine own self be true...

Sophia said...

Mem Key,

Regarding passion, let's just say you inspired me.

Yesterday I posted a quote on the other blog that I think you might like:

"God favors no group--only religions do that."

I think exotericism is better than nothing, however, but becomes useless when it espouses that one religious group is better than another or that non-believers will be doomed to hellfire. Of course, I wish that all discover esotericism eventually.

God's Country is the globe.

My thoughts are focused on global equality right now. Let's make a talisman!!

Anonymous said...

Mem Key,

When ur done filling out your CIA paperwork you can make me a sandwich too.

Guess you dont know the protests fizzled. You lost.

Oh snap. Ahmadinejad is back.

Mem Key said...

It is very hard to make sense of your remarks.
I will be filling out CIA paperwork? MY guess is that you are implying that by me thinking iranians should want Freedom is somehow anti-America??

The American President stands with the protestors. Will the CIA be having him fill out paperwork as well?

It is not about protests. Those people WILL win their freedom someday because the ending is not yet written.
To say "lost" is to imply that it's about waving signs around. They may lose their signs, but the fire of Freedom now burns in their heart.
You can't lose what's in your heart because nobody can take it from you.

White or wheat bread?

*Mem Key*

Sophia said...

Hi Mem Key,

There are sadly some people out there who are very afraid of change. As you very well know, there are a lot of conspiracy theories, like the one about the Illuminati or Freemasons secretly taking over the world. (The "New World Order".)

Fear is the main thing causing most of the world's problems. Fear of relinquishing old beliefs or tradition, fear of erasing boundaries.

I'll get the mayonnaise.