Saturday, June 27, 2009


I received an email about the previous blog post regarding the forum. The forum I spoke of is not the forum I started in April. The link to that forum is on the left of my blog.

I left the Rosicrucianism forum in which the main contributor - and hence seeming representative - supports the oppression in Iran, as well as supports the cruelty that is being inflicted upon the protesters. Also, it appears that equality for women is not important, and there are many excuses as to why things shouldn't change. The owner of the forum seems to agree by his actions, and I will no longer be associated with that forum.

Tradition is out of style. New Rosicrucianism is IN. I will put in much effort to see that Rosicrucianism is universal in its approach. The New Rosicrucianism is all about Universal Mysticism. It is about Rosicrucianism as it applies to our lives TODAY, not hundreds of years ago. In this New Rosicrucianism, we are supporters of human rights for everyone around the globe, as well as equality.

Freemasons, you are not excluded from this movement. It's time you cease being so old-fashioned and let the women into your lodges. Your tradition of male exclusivity is outdated. This is 2009. Your lodges are starving for new members, so it is time you make some changes. Do this and you will see your membership numbers improve. The "secrets" are ready to be open for all in this age. Stop hoarding secrets out of your need to feel spiritually superior to others. Stop the selfishness.


Anonymous said...


Go make me a sandwich! And wihle you at it, fetch me a beer.

Your Husband

Sophia said...

That's an old one.

But, no doubt an attempt to elicit a reaction from me. Yes, very well. You have my sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Go fix me a turkey pot pie then. If you don't likie you can go wash them dishes.

Your Husband

Mem Key said...

Yet more proof that ignorance dies hard. How could anyone feel nothing for those people who are murdered for standing up for themselves.
I agree Sophia, the world has much too many people who say "Oh well, I got my freedom. Good luck with your story."
People are not asking you to arm up and fight their fight for them. Simply feeling sympathy for them and hoping they find their way out of the hell they have found themselves in not much too ask.

I have noticed the internet to be a breeding ground of snide remarks and no sympathy for anyone. From far away, the "ignorance" thinks the pain of death is somehow lessened.

But the wise know their pain is one inch away from being our pain. I feel sad for them to see the modern world have so much while they have so little.
They know we are here. They see us. They have hopes and dreams like anyone else who seeks to be free.

I am glad the Rosicrucian spirit is growing into one of Action.
Those who know what needs to be done do not need to wait for anyone. The world needs it's boldest and brightest to please shine up!!
Much love to your Balance with compassion and sympathy. The world loves these qualities in a person.

*Mem Key*

Sophia said...

Hi Mem Key,

It has been my experience that Internet trolls do what they do because they are hurting. Or because they are afraid.

Just the other day I had to remind someone that, "The people on the Internet are as real as your mother, father, wife or child."

Bro, you are a good example to others, a good role model. I feel very blessed to know you.

Mem Key said...

The internet has produced a rather strange phenomenon. With cameras and phone taps the modern human feels he is being watched by Big Brother.

But in Truth, Sophia, this artificial eye is a sad "reflection" of the All-Seeing Eye.
Today, the All-Seeing Eye has been replaced with an artificial replica through a failed experiment called "civilization".

Realize this lil Sis: In a Tribe, the man who who claims to feel nothing for others that are suppressed by violence, will suddenly have to answer for his callous thoughts by, for example, his friends or parents, who would say "Who taught you to feel cold for other Biengs who are struggling so hard, for what you have gained by doing Nothing? What is this pleasure you receive from lashing out at others with your tongue?"
But to so-called civilized man thinks he is an ant lost in an endless sea. Not quite equipped to know how to swim because civilization teaches you to study other who have Done, while you do Nothing.
They think the visual experiences they receive through the television is THEIR experiences.
It is not the Essence of a Human who would feel no campassion for others, sis. Do you see what I'm saying?
It is the garments thrown over his Divinity by civilization that shouldn't fit, but for now, they do. He will disrobe someday.

I like your Idea of Rosicrucianism being brought up to modern concerns and patterns.
Even as we speak, the cover of this spiritual book catalog I get this month is a book called THE NOW.
Even this man is feeling the Power of Now. It is spreading like a Spiritual Plague. Shin is about to be born into the world, and the world is already responding to this amazing Energy of Action.

You are a natural antenae open to all possibilities, so you naturally feel it as well. The past is about to disappear into a mirage as soon as humankind uploads the Now-Forward Operating System into their brains.
The Past-Backwards minds that have the death grip on Division and the Past will not be a concern much longer.

You see sis how it is what people want? People are realizing there is no batteries required. No time to waste.
I am only left with one monumental task and that is I have to produce a Miracle to insert my Message into this MassMediaMind.
They do not listen to much. Nobody believes in Miracles anymore and that is not my concern, because I DO, and that is only more Energy for me.
You believe in the miracle of Human and the miracle of mind, sis. That is your Power, belief.
The divided mind cannot stop us from our Thoughts.

The Now-Forward Mind is in no need of past events. Everything the Divine Man ever needs is in the Moment and the Future.
If the focus is on the Ultimate Future, the Singularity; then no division would be allowed in Thought.

I used to love politicial and group division as well. But my focus on the Singularity released me from the trap of Man-Made Idealogies.

You are very in tune Sophia. That is evident even from here.

For what it matters though sis, I would do anything the divided Mind asked if they would give me but an hour. It's not about me.

They are what this is all about, so I love them as riddles to be solved. But I am not the one to solve their puzzle, I can only point the way.

So maybe you will try on this Garment I wear when observing the divided mind, sis. You must never let your Thoughts stray more than a few inches from the Realization that "They ARE part of our Purpose."

We must be courageous and show our Spiriutal Intentions to encourage others, because there are so many being born like us every day.
Action is worth the Effort when Purpose is realized.

*Mem Key*