Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peace, Love and Recycle


Kimberly McVey said...

i was googleing "getting rid of negitive energy" and your blogg came up. i found u very interesting and enjoy reading your blogg. i added you to my flickr and twitter accounts.keep up the awesome work! your voice is getting heard!

Sophia said...

Thank you for visiting.

White Phenoix Photos. Any relationship to the Phoenix?

I'm glad to see people Googleing for ways to get rid of negative energy. Having once been surrounded in it myself, I know it's a very valuable effort to make.

goatman said...

Interesting graphic there. It appears that the fellow comes back pretty much as himself each time, all the way back.
At least he is human each time and not reincarnated as a carrot or some such. Some believe that the highest lifeforms are the trees and plants, then animals, then humans at the bottom of the heap.
So coming back as a carrot could be a step up?!

Happy fireworks over the Ohio river.

Sophia said...

Hi Goatman,

I have another image on my laptop that I'll upload later this evening when I get a chance. It's similar to this one, but includes animals and may pertain to karma.

Perhaps the flaw as I see it in this image, is that we are not the same person when we reincarnate; Our personalities do not reincarnate.

Perhaps it is best said that when our bodies decompose, new life sprouts from the soil. So now the matter that we carry in the form of these bodies may someday be the matter for a red fern (or carrots). :) Which may then be eaten by an animal which may be eaten by a human and absorbed and passed on to offspring, and back into the soil again.

I like that you are open to the thought that some animals may be higher lifeforms than us - sometimes I think my cats are enlightened. They don't seem to have the egos we have. Yet, we are not the highest lifeform either. There are lifeforms that are not visible to the human eye. The Universe's energies are like rungs on a ladder. The rungs are different degrees of higher and lower yet are all part of the same ladder.

I have some boxes of sparklers that I've stored for about five years - may be time to dust them off and use them in celebration. Happy Fourth!

goatman said...

It is those lifeforms not visible to the human eye that I wonder about. How about the other senses,can they detect them?
Creepy creatures, if you ask me, not to make themselves known somehow!
Say hi if you dare.

Those sparklers have probably absorbed a lot of moisture and will not work; may work too well though --- stand back.

Sophia said...

Hi Goatman,

I wouldn't say that they are detected by the physical plane five senses.

The creepiest creatures of all are the forms we create through negative energy.

My husband wanted fireworks but after a dangerous accident in 2000 I have asked him not to play with them. The blast was so big it blew his baseball cap off his head. I am glad he still has his arm. :)

goatman said...

Reminds me of a fireworks display put on by a local town two years ago when we witnessed all of the fireworks going off at the same time for about 20 minutes on the ground, across the Missouri river from us. Something went wrong and set off all of it at once. What a treat!!! It was short but sweet--almost broke the windows behind us on the old hotels facing the river. Then we left.
This year, about half way through the display it began to rain hard and they set off 30 minutes worth of fireworks at once as wet people were running for cover (we had an umbrella and continued to watch).

The people of Hermann are cursed by negative firework energy, I am convinced.

Sophia said...

hehehe Goatman, you're a trip!

The fireworks sent one of my cats into hiding for hours; we couldn't find her for a long time.