Sunday, February 1, 2009


The past couple days I've experienced some weakness, light-headedness and some fatigue, but this time the fatigue doesn't seem to be related to depression as I've been free of depression for a short while again. Definitely, though, the weakness and light-headedness are somewhat severe; I feel like I will pass out.

I don't know that these are health issues. I think they are symptoms related to all the shifts that have been happening lately.

I still remain clueless to everything, although I know something is going on on a higher level. I don't know why, though, because I don't practice meditation or anything. I have no spiritual practices. I just have ideas.

P.S. I apologize to some of my friends for slowing down email correspondence. It will pick-up again. Thanks for your patience.


Ocir said...

Vielleicht nur "Gezeiten".

Siegfried said...

I wish I could give you an advice.
In my case I have to try to meditate again to get myself focused and to reach my personal goals. By focusing on my breath whenever I can to gather my energy without trying to control it. Without stopping it. And imagining it to be velvety soft instead of hard, tensed, and controlled.
We can lose a lot of energy from sitting too long, reading and writing, and googling, or just plain surfing. And worrying a lot.

Siegfried said...

I try self-hypnosis too. which is like guided meditation. But you have to listen and concentrate all the time. Instead of letting your mind go where it will.
I think a personal goal or goals are very important. But don't spread yourself thinly.
We all need activity and rest. Ying and yang.

Siegfried said...

Just trying to think.
I'm learning a lot from my mistakes. And wrong beliefs and ideas.
For example I found out that my car accident had made me very cautious when driving. Instead of being reckless and happy-go-lucky.
Life is like driving in a fast lane. You'll never know what you hit or hits you. You have to keep your eyes on the road.

Siegfried said...

And above all, you have to keep your composure. Don't be easily intimidated or frightened by anything. Judgment, condemnation, gossip, poverty, etc, etc, etc.
Protect yourself at all times. Don't lose your character and reputation.
Reputation is as important as anything else.

NinRose said...

I sent you an e-mail, but cleanse your auric field and eat some foods that will properly ground you. You will find this info by googling it. Let me know how you make out. :)

Anonymous said...

It is kind of like empathic illness. Lot of people now have this because the future self has the ability to communicate with the past self. What the future self sees and knows isn't very pleasant. Very bad things are coming. Very bad things.

Sophia said...


Das ist Etwas neues.

Sophia said...


That's very wise advice; thank you. I think I'm going to do as you and NinRose suggest. Maybe it's time I finally unfold the treadmill again - currently it sits folded up as if in storage; it uses up less room that way.

I'm not really afraid of anything anymore. I think most if not all fear has gone away. I'm not even really afraid of dying.

Sophia said...

Hi NinRose,

I ate my first meal of the day just a little while ago and I ate so much food, it seemed I was trying to eat a lot to make up for lost energy.

I don't really know anything about grounding myself but I'll research through google, and I'll do the auric field cleansing that you recommended in your email. When I used the Ouija board not too long ago I read a website beforehand, and it gave a grounding exercise to try before using it, and it had to do with a pillar of light going all the way down to the center of earth through our bodies.

Thanks again for all your help.

Sophia said...

Hi Anonymous,

Could you please explain what the future self and past self are?

Also, what things are coming? There are a lot of apocalyptic ideas out there. I too feel like something is coming, but I don't know if it's good or bad. It just seems like a change is on the way. (Interesting enough, just recently my husband took an interest in reading the Christian Bible, and he has started with Revelations first.)

NinRose said...

Let me know what happens with the aura cleansing. Ask your guides to stay close, but to protect your auric field. We all have personal space,even human to human. We get uncomfortable when another human gets into our personal space, and the same with other energies of higher vibration. Think of your auric field as your personal boundry to be kept clear. Others can connect with you, but they can't invade your personal space.

NinRose said...

The energy drinks sound like a good idea. Veggies are always good to eat. Meats are good when you think you are spending too much time out of body. Don't feel you have to overeat to make up cuz that too will weigh you down. Eat balanced meals and try to walk a little if you can. I can't wait for the warmer weather to come so I can start walking again.

Deb Estep said...

HI Sophia,

Slade just wrote an article last week
on Empathic shielding.

Check it out.....

Of course... it IS that time of the year for colds and flu.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep. !!!

xo xo

Eyeshare said...

I'd like to add here something...the peace of God is ours through prayer but I feel there's nothing to worry such/

May God give us his Blessing.

Sophia said...

Hi friends,

Thanks for your concern and also guidance while I was going through that little spell of weakness. Please don't feel concerned anymore because I think the weakness is gone. In fact, as my husband started to express some of the same symptoms, I am now almost certain it was some kind of flu or virus that I had.

At first I felt tempted to blame it on possible carbon monoxide poisoning, as we had to use a kerosene heater for two days while the electricity was out.

So basically, I'm not certain what the reason or cause is, but I think this morning I feel better! Now I just have to help my husband through it as he is still experiencing the weakness. Boy oh boy do we make a pair right now.

(Maybe I feel better, too, because of the auric cleansing I did, Nin.)

Thanks so much, friends, for being here. If ever I can do anything to return the support or help please let me know.

NinRose said...

I'm glad you feel better. it never hurts to do an aura cleansing, even if your feeling well. Also, you can offer this little service to others if they are feeling a little "off" and don't know why.

Sophia said...

Hi Nina,

I'd like to offer others services to help them on their journey.

On my old blog I keep getting at least 15 visits a day where people are landing on my blog by doing a Google search for "how do I rid myself of negative energy". Maybe now I can finally have something to tell them. They've been coming to me for over a year, and I didn't know what to tell them. Now I can. Thanks very much, NinRose.