Friday, February 13, 2009

Dream Date February 13, 2009

First dream:

I am crawling along a sidewalk looking down at the ground and all the little things laying on the ground, mostly pebbles. After some time I come to the front of a house where there are these dark purple pebbles with little glowing blue lights inside them. I grab one to take with me. I see the owner of the house outside and I say to him, "Is it alright with you if I take one of your rocks? I wanted to ask first, because I wouldn't feel right just taking it." He says that I can have it.

Note: For as long as I can remember I've always been attracted to shiny or glittering rocks, especially crystals, geodes, etc.


This next dream is a little bit graphic, so if graphic things disturb you, you may wish to skip reading this dream.

I am being initiated into a group. (I don't know what kind of group it is.) In order to be initiated, I have to go through some kind of hazing ritual. It is going to be painful, even bloody, but I subject myself to it out of a desire to belong to the group. A man grabs my hair and I am on my knees in front of him. He takes a quarter and begins rubbing lines into my scalp with its edge. Back and forth, hard, until I am bleeding. When he is done there are lines running from the front of my head to midway and they are bleeding; I am crying. After it is over, in order to be comforted I embrace the man who did the hazing.

Note: I never belonged to a sorority when I was in college, so I never went through any kind of hazing rituals.


Anonymous said...

I have an idea about the 2nd dream. It might reflect what we were talking about in the other posts about pain being the price for wisdom;pain as an initiation into higher knowledge. The physical pain is a counterpart for emotional pain. People in our dreams often represent aspects of ourself. The man probably represents the things about you that cause you to feel pain. He could represent your afflictions.

Sophia said...


I was just telling my husband about you and how amazing you are with your ability to understand what is going on with me spiritually. You are very intuitive. I am so glad you found my blog because your input has been very helpful to me, and gives me a better understanding of myself and what's going on. Thanks for being a friend. :)

I too had pondered the possibility that this dream might somehow represent the suffering I had mentioned before, and that it had to do with paying for something I wanted in return.

Siegfried said...

... all that glitters is gold.

The group gives me security. Just a theory. An assumption.

Siegfried said...

Security is the primary thing that is driving us. Another assumption.

Sophia said...


It could be a spiritual security blanket.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sophie :)
My husband told me of a dream he had last night where an old, sick nun was on the side of the road on a sled and he dragged the sled with her on it to a garage and called 911. There was a dog there and she asked my husband if she could keep the companionship and he said "no". Because the dog wasn't his.
I told him I thought the nun represented his old ideas about religion, because she was old and dying, and people in dreams usually represent some part of yourself. She asked to keep the companionship, to which he replied "no." So I think the dream is a relfection of his rejection of religion in recent years. And with his mother always telling us we are going to hell because we dont go to church doesn't help. He's a recovering catholic.

Sophia said...

Does your husband remember his dreams very often?

It's difficult to be oneself spiritually when there are expectations from others to be as they wish one to be. They of course mean well, I'm sure, but have little to no idea how uncomfortable it is for us when they try to pressure us to follow their religion, especially by threats of being doomed to Hell. If anything, I've found that such threats from religious followers and proselytizers have turned me further away from their religion. Various followers come knocking on our door a few times a year.

My grandmother used to give me heck about not going to church. Also, when my husband and I were living together unmarried, we heard from a couple people how "shacking up" together was dishonest, and that my husband would have to marry me to make me an "honest woman".

All in all, when it comes to my spiritual beliefs I just keep my mouth closed around my father's side of the family. Mom isn't interested in my spiritual life but she doesn't judge me for my beliefs.

Whoa... I just experienced deja vu - as if you and I have had this exact same conversation before - about your husband's dream, even though I know we haven't.

It occurred when I was sitting here trying to find meaning in your husband's action of taking the nun to the garage and dialing 911. Maybe it could be that while he is rejecting religion, he has some lingering doubts or fears about letting it die completely.

Anonymous said...

That is interesting, I hadn't thought of that. He would never go back to catholisism, for that much I'm sure.I think the only thing that keeps any notion of spirituality alive for him at all is the experiences I share with him.