Sunday, February 8, 2009

Clairwood Message

As I was lying in the bed a while ago, I received a message in my head. It said, "Welcome to the edge of Clairwood."

I did a Google search for "welcome to the edge of Clairwood" but I'm not seeing anything. I've never heard of a Clairwood before.

I'm going to try other variations of the spelling.


Anonymous said...

That's so neat that you've developed some clairaudience. Did you ever have that before, or did you have it but never really paid attention to it? You should definately keep a journal of all your clairaudience messages. Some are very clear, some are not, and sometimes you might get alot coming in at once.

Sophia said...

I don't think I've had it before until late last year. I've had short visions before but not really messages.

I still have to do some fine tuning.

I was able to receive this most recent message because I was working on clearing my thoughts. Maybe I need to silent my thoughts more often.

Is that how you get yours?

Sophia said...


I just noticed something.

There is a resemblence between the words clairaudience and Clairwood. That being "Clair".

Anonymous said...

You are right! Thanks for pointing that out.

When my mind is clearest during meditations is when I'll recieve them, if I'm going to. But I've also gotten them when I was going about my daily business. One nignt work while I was counting medications, I heard "your mother is here". My mom passed away last July. I thanked my mother for being there.

Sophia said...

Your mother has given you a couple messages, the one with the cell phone and then this one.

My husband doesn't understand these things. When I tell him about some of the things I hear, he starts worrying that I'm becoming schizophrenic. Yesterday he put his head in his hands and I thought he was going to cry.

I said, listen, a lot of psychics hear this stuff, do you think they're schizophrenic? Was Edgar Cayce schizophrenic? No. Not that I'm lucky enough to hear things often. I don't know that I'm tuned into the right channel yet.

Eventually my husband started teasing me and said if I ever became psychic we could make money, and I told him absolutely not, remember the story about the goose and the golden eggs?

Anonymous said...

My husband asks me what I'm smoking, and then says he wants some. :)

Sophia said...

Hehehe it's good that your husband has a sense of humor about it! Does your husband take as much an interest in spiritual matters as you?

This morning it seemed as if someone from the University of San Francisco was talking to me, but all I got out of them was a hello. Now it has me going through my email contacts to see if I've ever been emailed by someone from there.

Anonymous said...

No, I husband doesn't have any interest in spirituality. Some of the things I've experienced get him thinking though. I think he's a little scared of it.

Sophia said...

That time I dreamed of the phone number on my street got my husband thinking a little bit. He still tries to make the excuse that it's just coincidence, but he was interested enough in it that morning that he was doing some Googling.

I would of course love to see my husband dive right into the spiritual waters, but I just let him be as he is.

He has been open to letting me read a couple spiritual-type books out loud to him, both about Taoism. And, even though I'm not really a follower of religion, I was tickled pink when he ordered a giant-text Bible from the Lutheran Braille Workers. I was just happy to see him taking an interest in something spiritual.

Maybe 2012 has him thinking because he started reading Revelations first! Me, I'm the chronological type; I have to start at the very beginning.

Anonymous said...

" Welcome to the edge of Clairwood " You recieved that message at such a time when Your mind had come closest to reverting to it's spiritual base.

Like seeing the clearing at the end of the wood's ( i.e Your mind had at that exact moment become clear and aligned with spirit, which would also explain the relevance of the message to "Clair"-audience/the Act of hearing, or the ability to hear, sounds not normally audible.

Love and Light, Joseph

Sophia said...

Hi Joseph,

Your message is exciting!

Reverting to the spiritual base means merging, right? The conscious and unconscious (Higher Self and lower self) become one? (I hope I got the lingo right; hopefully you know what I'm talking about.)

I'm trying to figure out how get it to snap permanently into place. I guess I need to really start meditating as several people have been hinting at that lately.

Thanks for your input. This is very encouraging!