Friday, February 6, 2009

Dream Date February 6, 2009

Dream #1:

I was walking along a beach, and I noticed that there were wet books lying here and there in the sand. The tide was bringing books in and distributing them along the beach. I grabbed one of them, a hardback book. I can't remember the title.

Dream #2:

I was having a discussion with others, and I was telling them that I can't get motivated to exercise unless I have a personal trainer.


Anonymous said...

From what I know of dreams, books mean knowledge.

Dream #2 seems you feel you need someone showing you the way, such as a teacher; a trainer. It don't necessarily mean physical exercise.

You seem to feel you need this.

Sophia said...

You are very intuitive in your interpretations of my dreams.

I want more spiritual knowledge, even though I know knowledge is only an intellectual pursuit, and hence, a distraction. But still, I want more knowledge.

I've always wanted a Teacher that fits me like a glove. Through such Teacher I would wish to learn some knowledge. But I do know the first goal is to drop the Shadow.