Monday, February 23, 2009

Indescribable, Inexpressible Life

How can I, a simple woman
Who is not a poet
Write a poem
About the most poetic thing of all?

How can I
Write a poem
About Life?

All the words of the world
are at my disposal.
Yet when I sit down to write,
I am speechless.

My hands, my tongue
Are not capable of saying
What my soul alone
Can express.

To know what words
I long to say but cannot,
You'll have to use a sense
That in a sense
You're not used to using.

You'll have to learn to listen again,
Not with your ears,
Not with your mind,
But with a faculty you had
Long before you were born.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for that poem Sophie. :)
I especially like the last part, having to listen with a faculty we had before we were born.

Mark said...

Very good! I am listing with my soul.

human being said...

with my eyes closed
i listen to the silence between the syllables
and hear a celestial song i've never heard...

thanks dearest Sophia for dropping by my blog... letting me know you and your beautiful world...

i'll be a follower...

lots of love

Eyeshare said...

"You'll have to learn to listin again,
Not with your ears,
Not with your mind,
But with a faculty you had
Long before you were born."

Concept to execution,
I like it very much.

rob said...


Listening to one's inner voice is not so easy I find. But that is where the real reward is.

Don said...


Are we supposed to ask what happened to you?

Anonymous said...

Yea,where have you been??

Siegfried said...

Action speak louder than words.
Love is beyond words. Beyond thoughts.

Siegfried said...

Love is when there is no lover and beloved.
The lover is the beloved. The beloved the lover.
The observer is the observed. The observed the observer.

Siegfried said...

Love is when there is no Jew and no Arab. No Christian and no pagan. No Peter, no Paul. No Jesus, no Mohammed. No friend, no enemy. No rich, no poor. No master, no slave. No teacher, no student. Just we.
We have a long way to go. And there's no way to it.

Siegfried said...

What is the greatest thing you can experience?
Nothingness? Beyond words and thoughts. Inspite of.
Just be aware. Nothing else.
We are divided. That's all we know.

Siegfried said...

Forget about ego suppression or annihilation. Don't oppress or kill.
Just be aware. Total awareness is nothingness. Perhaps?
Love inspite of.

Siegfried said...

Don't be bullied and don't bully. Don't. Don't. Don't. Thou shalt not.
There's no way to it. No cross, no sword.

Sophia said...

Hi Nin,

And thank you for enjoying it. :)

I haven't gone anywhere, just more deeply involved in spiritual "studies", starting with a brief glimpse into some Hermetic Kabbalah basics (very basic!), and then seeing what else is out there.... astrology, sacred geometry, tarot, symbolism, Hebrew, alchemy, 2012, etc. First of all it's because I want to learn more about this Spirit that flows through me, but also just because it's fun to do so!

I think I've finally found the right classroom for me.

How are you?

Sophia said...

Mark, human, Eye, Rob, Don, Siegfried, Nin,

Thank you all for your comments.

There is so much more to see and hear than our eyes and ears are capable of seeing or hearing. So much more to experience, so much more to be! I don't have to tell you guys that, because you already know. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sophie!

I am fine thanks. :) I'm glad you are pursuing your journey with more studies. I've been in beliefnet alot. I like the forums and I've accumilated lots of friends. Bnet changed their whole format. They are having alot of problems with it. Lots of bugs to work out. Anyway I'm there alot. I'll send you my new e-mail address. It's almost like the other one; still NinRose.

Sophia said...

Hi Nin,

Thanks for keeping in touch.

I remember that when I used BeliefNet I could get lost for an hour or so just browsing through the profiles looking at all the things people were drawn to in their spiritual pursuits. I wanted to get to know so many of the people I ran into, knowing that each has a story to tell. I'm glad you're having fun, there.