Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Merging

This time I'm talking about merging on a smaller scale, but maybe what I'm doing is symbolic somehow of the big big BIG merging I was talking about earlier.

I'm taking my old blog and merging it with this one so that any patterns in possible growth can be more easily seen. By growth, I mean, how has my awareness of the spiritual realm changed over the years. What did enlightenment mean to me in say, 2005, and what does it mean to me now. How have I grown personally; have I made any improvements, made any changes, etc.

So, if you notice the archives have almost just doubled in size, that's why. The old and new are becoming one.


NINA said...

What an interesting notion. I think a lot of people right now are merging their old and new parts of themselves to become full and comlete. I know I am doing it.As always, we are in tune!

Sophia said...

Hi Nina,

Thanks for letting me know where you are in your process. It's always exciting to know that someone is going through the same!

jon be me said...

Similar to re-reading books...I re read books after a few years, due to lack of books to read!, and usually find a better, more complete understanding to them the 2nd,3rd time around. I think its a natural progression that we "feel" the words differently with more life experience and more knowledge.

The "old and the new" are actually the one and the same, just different pages in the book of your life. Same book, though, and same interesting story....but the growth of the character becomes clearer!

Anonymous said...

It just happens.
-- Imemine

Sophia said...

Hi Jon,

As we are the authors of these books, why not go for a happy ending. :)

Sophia said...


"We are divided," until we're not.

Anonymous said...

That's a very interesting take on re-reading books Jon. I have some that I should re-read for that very reason.