Monday, December 17, 2007

Senseless Nonsense

Longing for yesterday,
When the honeysuckles bloomed
And the wind blew free in the wild blue.
Butterflies stirred and birds, too;
They lighted upon my shoulder.
That was when you said "hello"
And I smiled.

Tonight the distance is near;
The end of infinity comes upon us.
We reach the end of the universe;
The only direction we can go is back.
Together, let's turn around.

Listen, to the rhythm of your heartbeat.
thum-pum, thum-pum, thum-pum
Nature's drum
Feel the pounding in your chest
Hark! You are alive!
The only thing you have to do is live.

I sit and wait for your silence
Any silence but yours is noise

I don't know when or why,
I waited for your temper but found my own.


Chris said...
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jim said...

I like!

Mossy said...


Sounds like the real thing.

Rachel said...

I like the "nature's drum" verse. /all you have left to do is live/ that's how I feel about life too. Listen, let it be, and go with the flow. :)

Surface said...


Sophia said...


Thanks. :)

Sophia said...

Thanks, Jim. :)

Sophia said...


Is this real? :)

Here we are, back at Velveteen, or maybe even Pinocchio.

Sophia said...


Jed McKenna mentions letting go of the tiller in one of his three books. I can't remember which one.

There is only one way we can go, and that's forward. No matter how hard we try to steer, we move onward. Since we move onward with or without effort, giving up effort probably releases a lot of energy to make room for other things.

With that said, I don't have a measurement of how much energy I put into steering the course of actions. I just act and react naturally. I suppose that's the best I can do.

Sophia said...


Thank you.

P.S. I tried to click on your profile but it says it is "not available". Were you aware of that?

Vincent said...

I like what you have written. It seems like something from unconscious like your dream, which you have allowed to come through in your waking.

Sophia said...


It could be that that is where it comes from. I feel like there is a special door that opens, but only once in a blue moon, which allows me to be creative with words. I write from my heart, and a lot of what I've said has to do with things going on in my life.

Sadly, the door always shuts, and all I can do is sit and wait weeks or even months for it to open again.

Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

Siegfried said...

Great poetry!
But not one that will attract wide readership.
People like gossip.

Mark said...

Very interesting!

goatman said...

"any silence but yours is noise"
I will remember this along with "proudly brown" from a previous work.

You are a true poet.