Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Delightful Gift

I received an extraordinary Christmas gift a few days ago, and I wanted to share it with the world. It comes from Jim, an exceptionally talented gentleman that I met online in October of 2005. Many of you probably know Jim, and if you know him like I know him, you'll know he has a heart bigger than the state of Texas. (Pun intended!) Jim freely gives his love energy to everyone he meets. He gives so much of it away, that I sometimes wonder if he saves any for himself. One thing I know for sure, is that he's never seemed to run out of his supply! He's never gotten tired of hearing me whine, and has this magical way of being around whenever I'm feeling gloomy. He's a guy that's full of sincerity and charm.

As you no doubt know, recently I've been going through another cycle of complaining and whining about gloomy, dark and stormy things, like I sometimes do. (God bless you all for enduring yet another round.) Jim's gift has brought a lot of love and light into my night, and has caused my spirits to soar. I'm still floating! He's just an all around talented genius. After you read the poem, go and check out some of his artwork. (My favorite pieces of his can be seen at the aforementioned link.)

Thanks, Jim!

And now, the amazing poem that Jim wrote for me:


Out of a Dark and dreary Day, attacks and stabs did Rain,
Beat and hurt, Wounded bad, my Voice sang a Sad refrain.
God where I knew not When, nor How to get there Soon,
Just hope and Me, in deep debris, my Eyes stared at the Moon.

On keyboard Pads and lightened Screens, paths Tangled inbetween,
Computers hummed and speakers Blared, daunting voices Screamed.
Electric lights and condensors Squeezed, the words Danced in Glassy Reams,
Hopes and fears of Real live Life, spiraled round, the Written Dreams.

Ships of Songs, in Addresses long, and Dot coms of this, and that,
Rang Bells of clanging, ding dong Chimes, and Windows of Hearts, that Wept.
To myself with Letters, clicked in type, that Strung in chains, like Tunes,
Dirges mired, in Ageold tales, and Rainbows, ran Round the Silver Spoons.

"I don't know", in Thought I said, as Software, loaded long,
"I don't know, if there is for Me, any such, Electronic Song."
But Here, at Once, a Name Appeared! Bulletin from out the Blue,
"Stay, See, let me show You round, and Talk to me of Truth!"

From Whence, come, this Lovely Sound, this Invite, to glints of Day,
I was just leaving here, as Notes of Cheer, Rang Bells in Her Special Way.
"Okay, I'll Stay and See you near, Talk and maybe try to Be,
The Self I once Was, in better times, when I Was, a better me."

Keyboards Blazed with Flaming Fires of Thoughts, and Meanings flew,
She bowled me over with Hopeful Love, and unflinching, Spoke the Truth.
What forms the rapid clicking Keys, What unselfish Gifts abound,
In this Heart, this Human girl, in All this hardware, I Think I've Found?

Months and months of Talk and talk, of Emails and Comments too,
Like Solar systems and Cosmic realms, of electrons, dripping Dew.
On Earths of screens, and blinking Lights, Stars raced, round the Room,
Emails sped and Servers fled, the raging Torrents Gently crooned.

Oh, how these Times began, between Us and I found my tune so True,
How words Spoke as when I was Young, before the bullets flew.
She brought Me glee and filled My files, She lifted my Spirits high,
But Real She was, so I could Feel, her Words canceled the Ageold lies.

How Real her Life, I Feel her So, thru glass and metal frames,
I thank Her, always, for Being so, it ain't easy, to ride these Trains.
And She knows, the Journey in her Heart, She Suffers, as We do,
She Stands, and doesn't run away, takes breaks, and gets back to You.

The Whistles blow, the Rails Ring hard, the Sounds are Signs she Sees,
"Stay, See, Talk to me," She invites us quick, to come into Her Rooms.
And when we enter into those Depths, our Realness we quickly meet,
She cuts you slack, because She Knows, Forgiveness, is her Treat.

Love Life, in spite of it, let Life, Love you back,
Stand your Ground, no matter, how hard it gets to Be,
Remember long, as Long we can, Be in touch, and let Us see,
"Stay, See," and Talk with Her, may She always Talk to me.

To my Friend, my Mentor in the Blogging Medium, Thanks for everything, Always, Love!

PS: Happy Channukah, and a Merry Christmas to you S.W. from Jim C.


goatman said...

Jim always surprises me with his depth of feeling and empathy. You can always tell him things that others' would find odd or too personal.
This piece shows his heart and I am happy having read it.

Siegfried said...

Great poetry! Brilliant! Inspiring! Something I can only dream of writing.

Anonymous said...

Age and the pain of normal living can enable a person to write feelingly and caringly, if you are an idealist to begin with, even more so. I think everyone could do it from their own experiences once they reach an older age and give thought to the value of people beside them, especially without ego interfereing too much. Some do it younger, there is where the greatest talents are, life is the inspiration for the rest of us, me for instance.

jim said...

Hi Sophia, You are too kind, when I am good, you are the Muse, then the Spirit steps in, I watch and listen to Your Magic, you are the Magic Sophia!

But thanks to the others here, Goatman and Siegfried, I admire both of you and have learned from you both, you both have always been a treasure to me and I thank you.

Mossy said...


kaushik said...

Thats an amazing gift. I wish someone would ride poetry for me. Wish u a merry christmas.

Christi said...

What a lovely and heartfelt gift!

Blessed Solstice, Yule, Christmas, Hanukkah and Winter to you each.

~ Christi

Rob said...

Merry Xmas Sophia!

jim said...

Siegfried, I wonder, can a poem like this have music written to it, like guitar or something, a simple chorded thing? What do you think about something like that?

Siegfried said...

I think everyone is too busy to surf the web at the moment. Most people have their own little personal or individual lives. Merry Christmas!
Basically you can try some folk chord progression. My favorite is C-Am-F-G7. And then try some melody while playing the chords. I think the most difficult thing would be to adapt the lines to the melody. You have to be good at improvisation or singing to do it well. Like Bob D, James T, and Jackson B.

jim said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Siegfried!

Those chords tickle my fancy, it has been a long time since i had a guitar, but I can almost hear them!

I used to mess around with harmonica and that and the folk music sound would be just right I think.

Just a guitar would be good, but I wonder about that thing I have heard where utube has a recording facility that records and posts the sounds on their site? Have you heard of that?

You have some guitars, Siegfried, do you play, I thought I heard that you could sing too? Not me, no can carry a tune, not for a minute! Worse than a howling cat!

The melody and word adaption would have to be improvised inside the chord arrangement, that would mean maybe slurring or changing some wording or phrasing, huh? That would totally be acceptable, preserving the idea and gist of the poem, yeah, that wouldn't be bad at all!

Good points Siegried, I wish I had someone to fool around with it, a spot of music to go with the thoughts would make Sophia a much better present, give her some added flotation means, lol! She is what it was all about, you know.

Thanks Siegfried, very much amigo! I wish someone would mess around with this, lol, I will keep thinking about it.