Saturday, December 29, 2007

Burned with Divine Love, An Angel That Wants Devotion

A new discovery reveals two destinies linked -
Soul trails crossing that had before meandered.
Rays of sun peek into dark dusty heart's chambers
Once frostbitten, but now infused with warmth.
This is the first stage of a personal journey shared,
Experienced before seperately as two but now as One.
Now the jewel can be retrieved, years after losing it.
Frustrated with pain, suffering - That's the motivation,
To start not on an ordinary journey but one that is
Burning with the fires of divine love, a yearning,
To bring to extinction the animal within, forgetting
Eros, philos even, instead jumping right into the waters of agape.
In the depths of that deep blue, there will be tranquility.

Might I taste you?
Infection, impregnated
With an idea
What do you want?
Angel,Your wings are fluttering.


jim said...

Oh, I love it, speaking from the depths, I would say! More, More!

Thanks and please, MORE! I love it Sophia!

Sophia said...

Thanks, Jim.