Friday, December 21, 2007


I was able to bring home my new little girl tonight. She was drunk from her spay surgery. She wobbled everywhere and looked up at me cross-eyed. She is seven or eight months old and has been hanging around the neighborhood for a couple months. She was living in a cardboard box on one of the neighbor's back porches, but he said he didn't want to take her in because his girlfriend is due to have a baby in January. Well, she's mine now! :) The girlfriend wanted the cat but was glad that someone was taking her in. The nights have been getting cold. I'm glad she has a place, now, just in time for Christmas.

She's apparently been in a cat fight because there is a big scratch across her nose. She'll probably have a scar. I guess an appropriate nickname for her might be "Scarface". :)

She hasn't been around my other cats very long yet. Peachy hissed at her, but only because I put Pollyanna in her room. Pancho was glad to have another female in his harem. Penelope was inquisitive; I'm surprised she didn't go on a rampage. My dog Peabody of course wanted to chase her around, but I wouldn't let him. I hope he isn't too much of a brute. We'll see after she heals from her surgery.

Thanks for your comments on my earlier posts. I'll respond to them later. I'm still feeling withdrawn but I wanted to show a picture of something that is giving me happiness at the moment.


Rachel said...

what a sweet looking face! good luck on the adjustment stage, as your furries establish boundaries and ranks. (I always dread that part, as I want everyone to get along).

jim said...

Beautiful cat! Miss Scarface to you! lol, what a cat! Just what you need, I bet the other pets are all up in the air over this! You'll pay!

I bet it is getting cold up there, any snow yet? I am sure the cat will love you, feed her well, give her a hug from me, teach her to type, I know cat language. Maybe she can teach me how to work his blogger stuff better?

jim said...

not 'his' blogger stuff, lol, 'THIS' blogger stuff, that is what I meant, maybe the cat can teach me to type, spell, and have better editing qualities!