Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chaos in the Abode

My house is chaotic at present moment. My computer is under a dropcloth, unplugged and pulled-out from the wall. Everything - with the exception of my computer desk - that was in the computer room is sitting in my living room. There is painter's equipment here and there, and new flooring sitting in boxes in my kitchen waiting to be installed in the computer room. The house looks like a construction zone and there's not even a place for a small electric Charlie Brown-ish Christmas tree.

I haven't done Christmas cards yet and I'm absolutely dreading it, but I must as I feel it is my duty to at least send cards to those that have sent me cards. There are Christmas presents scattered throughout the house that I haven't wrapped yet. I don't even know what all I've bought so I may have to do more shopping. One present needs to be boxed and brought to the post office to be mailed; if I don't do it tomorrow or Tuesday it might not make it to its recipient before Christmas.

I like Christmas, but I honestly can't wait for January 1st to come so that I can relax back into normalcy. I have plans for January, such as making my fractal art that I haven't made since April of this year. I'm going to sit and read more. I'm going to watch some movies that I haven't even opened since Christmas of last year. (My poor father visited today and was looking through my DVD collection. He noticed that I hadn't opened a movie he got for me last year and I could tell in his voice that he was a little disappointed. It's a movie from 1971 that he'd really like for me to see, along with its sequel that came packaged with the movie.) Most importantly, though, I just want to start creating art, again.

I really want to know, and I hope you'll tell me in the comments: What do you wish for this Christmas?

(I'll respond to comments HOPEFULLY tomorrow during lunch break at work.)


jim said...

I wish for you Sophia, the absolute best and may it continue with you forever...I wish I had you a christmas card, but maybe I will write you a poem, If you would be so kind as to accept it.

Love to you, and yours, this Holiday! Yours, Jim.

Vincent said...

Is it a woman's lot to be a slave to making other people's Christmas dreams come true? What is the point of that? Suppose we just let everything slide if we don't want to do it? Will the sky fall down?

Or am I being irresponsible? To me, there is a special feeling abroad at Christmas. In past years I didn't start feeling it sometimes till Christmas Eve. But it has hit a few days ago. Little blessings happened, to make sure I got the feeling. I am certain that some Christmas cards won't be sent in time. And where is the problem in that?

What makes this a joyous time of year, apart from possibly extra blessings being poured on us by a Heavenly Host, is not diminished by anything that people haven't had time to do or couldn't afford to do. I think it is augmented, though, by the littlest things - a smile or a kind word - that are done with feeling.

I hate shopping so I don't do it. One year - I was disabled at the time so couldn't go shopping even had I wanted to - I bought everyone a book from Amazon. They weren't to everyone's taste and one or two said so and gave them back to me, which was fine because I liked them anyway.

It's the feeling, and according to my aesthetic, less is more. Lots of time to do nothing; presents and cards, if any, received sometime in the New Year; anything unexpected; low expectations (so easy to improve on!) Everything sincere and nothing forced. These are some of the things I would like for Christmas. I hope I am not asking too much!

And I think it will all turn out beautifully, Sophia; and that panicking is just a prelude to a special Christmas feeling, that may have hit you already.

Will you share some of that art?

Cookiemouse said...

I wish you a great Christmas with good spirit and lots of nice munchies.

Sophia said...


I would really love to read a poem by you. Yours are really special.

Forgive me but I did not send out too many Christmas cards, mostly just to family and I was so late getting them out. I procrastinated but with good reason as I've been terribly busy these past few weeks. Being somewhat Jewish, though, you probably wouldn't like getting a Christmas card! So allow me to at least wish you a very happy Chanukah here on the blog.

Much love to you, always!

Sophia said...


When it comes to Christmas around my house, I'm definitely the slave. I can't get help with the cards or wrapping unless I practically force my husband. I shouldn't complain, though, because in most everything else, my husband does more than his fair share. If I told him I thought I was a slave, he'd laugh at me. :)

Well, truth be told, I like getting the cards mailed to me, so I guess to receive I must give.

The older I get, the less excited I get about Christmas. As a kid, I'd become excited about it months in advance, and couldn't wait to tear open all the surprises that Santa had left for me. Now, as an adult, it seems more a responsibility, a chore so to speak. I just don't get in the spirit anymore when I hear Christmas music. I guess I'm turning into a Grinch, or a Scrooge, or both. It all depends on my mood, though, and I haven't been exceedingly happy in December since 2003. I expect some year that joy will return, though. It just depends on what my brain chemicals decide to do. It's a cycle.

I like your attitude about it, though. It's very relaxed.

I will send you an email with a link to my art site. I hope I get some time to email you in the next day or so.

Sophia said...


(I like this name of yours.)

Merry Christmas to you!

I think on Christmas Eve I might settle down with a glass of Bailey's Irish Creme and a piece of cheesecake. Sometimes it feels so good to be naughty! :) Hope Santa doesn't mind. I think I'm still going to be on his nice list.

May the holidays be everything you dream of, and may you spend some splendid time with friends and family!

Joe said...

Hi Sophia, I haven't posted or even looked for awhile. I'm in a withdrawl cycle with minimal social contact. Christmas is my least favorite time of the year. My wife goes crazy getting junk and leaving it in every possible place. I used to be Christian, but gave that up long ago since the answers given don't make any sense and never pointed me toward happiness in any meaningful way. My closest affinity is Buddhism and it doesn't really have high holidays. It isn't really even a religion, but instead a set of guidelines on how to be happy with yourself.
The Christian/Pagen coop seems so hollow, at least in the US since it is now a commercial binge time and not much else.
What I really wish for Christmas is for the commercialism of it to implode. I wish for a simple meal with a few close people, a clear sky to see the stars over a bed of snow. I wish for peace and loving kindness to permeate all.

Rachel said...

What I truly, deeply want for christmas is to be 100% free from credit card debt. I think that mental freedom is what I need to feel creative again.

Rachel said...
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Anonymous said...

I wish to find true love in a man that I will marry in 2009.

jim said...

I sent you a Christmas card, it is on my R/R blog, should have arrived by now, you can pick it up anytime, no rush. Happy Holidays!