Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Real Santa

Earlier this evening I was feeding my elderly cat Peachy some canned cat food. She gets this treatment every night, while the other two cats are free-fed, because she's old and has trouble eating dry food and is very thin. After she's done eating in a closed room, there will usually be several bites left, and I'll give these to Pancho. Penelope gets a few bites as I'm preparing the meal in the beginning.
Tonight, after Peachy was done eating, I grabbed the plate and picked Pancho up and put him in his spot so he could eat the remaining bites. Penelope had already had some before all this started. But tonight, Penelope stuck her head in Pancho's way and started eating his food. Pancho, being a real gentleman, kindly stepped back and allowed her to eat. And, as if to further display his kindness, he started to bathe Penelope as she ate.
Now that's what I call a real giver. :)
(P.S. I hope you all aren't tired of hearing anectdotes about my pets in the midst of this blog which is supposed to be mostly spiritual, but every now and then I feel like telling their stories.)


jim said...

We can learn a lot from animals and their interaction and their I have learned and heard from Kathy and Vincent, and from you Sophia...Thanks!

PS: I enjoyed it every way, everyday-like and spiritual-like and think they are one and the same!

Anonymous said...

I think that this post is just as spiritual as the rest.

Sophia said...


Thanks. :) I don't think I've ever mentioned it on this blog before, but my pets are spiritual teachers, too.

I'm sending much love to you, Jim, and hoping you're working towards a speedy recovery. You're staying positive and I haven't heard you complain once. Keep that up and you'll be running a marathon in no time!

Sophia said...


Thank you! I'm happy you can see that.

goatman said...

Animals are a part of us as well as others' -- to my way of thinking. I don't think that any subject or topic could be beyond a "spiritual" context but keep trying. . . ha

We have never had more than one cat at a time although we have had 5 cats total. Took bilbo (back when most animals were named after hobbits) from Maryland to Oregon to Alabama,over 4 years; he liked riding in the goat. Guess its time to broaden horizons and try another cat . . . sounds like fun.

Sophia said...


Recently I wondered about your ducks. I remember that you are fond of animals, too. I think I've mentioned this before, but Ghandi said something similar to, "The greatness of man is measured by his kindness towards animals." I can't remember exactly what he said but I'm sure a Google search could bring it up.

Cats are always good for the soul! I love dogs, but cats especially seem to have the ability to calm the agitated nerve. There's something soothing about them. If you get yourself a cat, you'll be doing something great for your blood pressure!