Monday, December 17, 2007

Hippies aren't Helpless

From a dream I had either last night or the night before:

"We wanted to help you, but we thought you were fine on your own. After all, you're hippy-ish."

I'm not really a hippy, I'm just casual.


Rachel said...

Ha. I like how the people in your mind (analogues of you) believe that hippies are self-sufficient and wantless. Which isn't really true, though: hippies need the assisstance of other people just as much as mainstream people do.

Vincent said...

This is very interesting, Sophia, but I don't know what a hippy is any more. In order to try and understand your dream better, and in particular to know if I am a hippy or not, or whether I have ever been one, I would like to know your own definition of a hippy - not a dictionary one, but the one that your dreaming unconscious mind would attach to it.

Sophia said...


I wish I could remember more of the dream. I just recall a man sitting across from me at a table. He had a beard.

The dream came right after I made that post about feeling out-of-control. I felt like I needed help. I think the guy in my dream was telling me I didn't need help. He (hopefully) meant that I could overcome my problems on my own.

I admit that on occasion I've looked for happiness through other people. Reality isn't like that, though, even though I wish it were that easy.

Sophia said...


Interesting question. People tend to associate "hippy" with the free-loving people of the 60s, the ones with long hair and bellbottoms, the ones that said "groovy" all the time and smoked pot.

In this day and age, I think a hippy is someone that is very natural, who doesn't conform, that is casual and full of love. A hippy loves and respects everyone regardless of differences. Politically, I'd say they are liberal. Also, they tend to bond with nature and have a fondness for all creatures. They are explorers of spirit and consciousness.

Hmm... I think I just described myself. Maybe I am a hippy.

Siegfried said...

It's a good omen.