Thursday, July 1, 2010

To You-Know-Who-You-Are

i'll make this cryptic enough
so that only a very few will understand
only those very few
one or two
who know me

soon i will be going home
starting over
and i'm as frightened
as a deer caught
in very bright headlights


Guru Kurt said...

There is little cause for fear among the Noble, who value you as a person without respect for pretense or decorum.

The world you have known, and its devil-baby capitalism, are unbelievably harsh against spirit. Unless you enjoy the struggle and the risk, competing against others and pretending their unfortunate circumstances are their own fault, you won't ever feel at home there.

You could say the trouble is here, that you cannot put your mind at ease, to think, "Well whatever happens, I will be eating and under decent shelter." No, they'll take that away from you, if you let them.

The motto of the unwise is, "Every man for himself and his family." Every man I have known lives by this motto, but it is very distant from me.

Guru Kurt said...

Can Judy Garland be seen as carrying the community of Heaven upon her diminutive shoulders? It's fascinating to contemplate things from this aspect, and to wonder if it might be true underneath, even if there is no immediate visible symbol over it.

Cold As Heaven said...

Very cryptic, indeed ... >:)

Cold As Heaven