Monday, July 5, 2010

Rock Candy Mountain


Don said...

My father use to sing this song. Very optimistic, isn't it?

There's another one similar to it, the one that talks about "Free Bubble-Up" and "Rainbow Stew."

Sophia said...

yeah -
i'm not a hobo
but i think
all of us have
dreamed of our
own utopias.

i'd never heard
the other songs
you mention.
-i'll check them
out on youtube

by the way
do you have
high speed
internet now?

Guru Kurt said...

The world regards ideas about God as delusional, yet I feel I must be delusional for imagining the world could rise to God's standards.

The song emphasizes the ego's idea of utopia, which is allied to its ideas about Heaven. There will be "handouts growing on the trees," and men long for a state without work.

One thing someone ought to learn, is that if you take something for yourself which the others in your community cannot have, it is a form of oppression or cruelty against them. Yet, the ideas of the ego begin exactly here.

My brother is a Christian, and he would say, "Sure, anyone can have what I have." But it's gilding the lily, because in practice they cannot do this through his system, unless they have his kind of money.

Don said...

I made it sound like 2 songs but it's just one: "Rainbow Stew" by Merle Haggard. It has exactly the same Utopian view as Big Rock Candy Mountain.

(And I won't bend your ear on how I think it might really happen!)

Yes, had to get an aircard out here in the sticks. It seems like around 10 times faster than dial up. I wanted to give you some figures but I just can't find where ATT gives the bitrate anywhere.